1,000,000 Christians Change the Internet on June 16, 2009 with a Live Online Bible Study

The Christian Living Bible Institute and Two Sons of One, LLC believe that God created the Internet for a reason. On June 16th, 2009, the web site www.MegaMinistry.com will host the largest online Bible study in the world.

Whitehouse Station, NJ, May 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The Christian Living Bible Institute and Two Sons of One, LLC have joined together to produce the largest online Bible Study ever. Bob Paulson, Sr. Pastor of the Christian Living Bible Institute said, "We believe that the Bible has the answers to everything and we understand how busy pastors can be so we wanted to help Christians around the world. Anyone can read the Bible but to study the Bible usually requires a teacher and some guidance. We understand that people have busy lives, so we created The Mega Ministry Movement. With Mega Ministry we will hold live and recorded Bible studies. People can attend from the comforts of their own homes, attend live or watch and learn at their leisure."

"The really exciting thing about this program is that Pastor Bob will bring the original Greek and Hebrew into the Bible studies," said Earl Harris, COO of Two Sons of One, LLC. Paulson also stated that "God created the Internet for a reason and it is not for gambling, dating, pornography or anything else. On June 16th, we are going to show the world what the Internet is all about."

The web site www.MegaMinistry.com is joint project between www.ChristianLivingBibleInstitute.org and Two Sons of One, LLC. MegaMinistry.com helps people live a live in abundance by teaching them to follow, learn and practice the Five Relationships of Abundance. The Relationship with God, Our Bodies, Our Families, Our Jobs, Careers or Businesses and Our Finances.

To register for this event, any Christian simply has to sign up by going to www.MegaMinistry.com. Mega Ministry along with the Company WordSearch, will provide each person who joins up a free Bible Software program and some study guides to prepare for this Bible study.

For more information you can contact

Pastor Bob Paulson 908-691-2669 or via e-mail at info@megaministry.com
Earl Harris 321-527-9421 or via email at eharris@megaministry.com

Christian Living Ministry, Inc.
Pastor Bob Paulson