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Santa Clara, CA, August 07, 2006 --( SiteKreator, a fully hosted Web 2.0 solution for building and maintaining an interactive online presence, helped Lee Gimpel document and share his "flashpacking" adventure through India at

"Flashpacking is just backpacking, with an awful lot of tech gear going along for the ride," said Lee Gimpel, a writer from Virginia who flashpacked around India and documented his adventure using SiteKreator.

Gimpel wanted to set up a web site that would let him share his experience with friends and family as well as the broader public. After evaluating various travel blogging packages and web designers, Gimpel selected SiteKreator.

SiteKreator helps everyday users instantly build, host, and manage stunning and engaging Web sites, from anywhere Internet access is available. It delivers the "look and feel" of a professionally designed site and the flexibility of high-end content management system at the price of commodity Web hosting. The vast library of upscale, customizable templates ensures a consistent appearance, helping users build attractive and fully-functional sites in minutes. combined elegant galleries, blogs, comments, and mailing lists, created and managed all under one roof.

Gimpel added, "With SiteKreator's simple and intuitive interface, I quickly created what turned out to be a popular site in the US and India. As I traveled across the country I was able to quickly update my blog and photos from Internet Cafes without worrying about downloading content and editing it with special software or sending it to a web designer to edit for me."

With recent visibility on CNN Travel, Discovery Channel, and, simultaneously received tens of thousands of new viewers. SiteKreator's scalable global hosting managed the series of spikes with ease, allowing all visitors to browse the site without interruption or delays. Sites hosted with common providers will crawl or become completely unavailable during any sudden surge of traffic -- and that's exactly the time a site should be available.

" is a perfect example of how SiteKreator can enable global social media, even while on the go," said Ivaylo Lenkov, CEO of SiteKreator. "SiteKreator helps users focus on content instead of having to deal with the complexities usually associated with site design, development or hosting. Moreover, with SiteKreator's scalable global hosting, customer sites won't suffer outages typically caused by sudden surges in the popularity such as the case with"

SiteKreator is currently preparing the public beta availability of its new Business Edition for entrepreneurs, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and independent professionals. During the beta program new users will receive special promotional prices for business packages which include enhanced features and scalable global hosting.

About SiteKreator

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., SiteKreator was launched in 2002. SiteKreator is a brainchild of NetClime,, which was founded in 1991. Previous NetClime products include RoNet, a peer-to-peer network operating system, and IRIS Phone, an early VoIP solution.

The SiteKreator team has extensive experience in enterprise CMS, CDN, sophisticated visual art design, and usability, having built thousands of high-end Web sites and custom Web applications for corporate clients.

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