Launched by TourCorp. Features Segway Tours in 33 Cities Worldwide. One Stop Source for Info and Booking. has been launched by TourCorp. Site features Segway Guided Tours in 33 cities worldwide. One stop source features guest reviewed tours.

San Francisco, CA, May 17, 2009 --( is a one stop source for tour information and reservations for fun Segway tour companies from Paris to Berlin, Boston to San Francisco.

Segway Sightseeing Tours is the largest collection of Five Star Fun Segway Tours in the World.

From New Zealand to Switzerland riders can explore scenic vistas, tour historic places, all while gliding on a environmentally friendly Segway tour.

The selection of five star tours provide a safe and memorable experience in destinations worldwide. In each location guests will enjoy detailed instruction, personable guides and a fun tour.

New cities are being added in the next few weeks. The site provides star ratings and reviews by guests for each tour. Reservations are easily made with each tour provider and charged in the local market currency.

About Segways: It's little wonder that thousands have been captivated by the innovative Segway ® since its introduction in 2003. Segways ® are:

Easy. Segways ® balance and move just like humans do.

Safe. Riders glide along at 12 mph, enjoying Segway's unique "leen steer & dynamic stabilization" technologies that keep you constantly balanced.

Environmentally friendly. Because it's fully battery-powered, Segways are eco friendly and very quiet.

User friendly. Operation is intuitive and training is included.

Lots of fun. Once guests get familiar with the Segway®, movement is effortless. You concentrate on enjoying the scenery instead of operating equipment.

A Segway ® is the best way to tour cities around the world.

About Segway Sightseeing:
The company started as the Original Bay Area Segway Company - The San Francisco and Sausalito Electric Tour Company in 2004.

The founders belief is whether you're an adventurous single looking for an unusual way to experience a city to or a parent with children over 12 years old trying to keep the family entertained on vacation, you'll love the unforgettable experience of riding a Segway.

The companies customers asked for information about other Segway tours around the world. In 2009 the company assembled this collection of Five Star Fun Segway tours throughout the world. The best of the best. New destinations are being added. Reviews from guests are posted with every tour.

The goal is to promote having a great time on any of these fun Segway Tours while leaning about electric eco-friendly transportation.

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