PureTravel Launches with a New Adventure Holidays Website

New York, NY, May 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Due to the technological advancements available nowadays, booking adventure holidays directly from the countries you wish to visit has become possible. A new Web site that promotes direct holiday bookings was recently launched by PureTravel.

In case you feel like going to Nepal to hike to the Everest Base Camp, you can book your visit direct with a Sherpa of Nepal. Perhaps, what you would like to do is immerse yourself in the African wildlife through a safari adventure, you can directly book your trip with a Masai warrior of Kenya. Holidays sourced in this method guarantees that tourists will get unrivalled facts regarding the local communities they visit. Also, tourists are able to help local communities, since through the money they pay in direct booking, they aid in stabilising a community’s local economy.

Through the holidays and adventure tours PureTravel’s Web site offers, tourists may adopt complete flexibility in planning their getaways. It is also ensured that they will be able to maximise their budget, as the best value is promised. Tours are presented with a specific duration, facts about the trip, as well as detailed itineraries.

A variety of holidays and tours across the globe are offered on the site. Tourists may pick specific activities that suit their interests from the number of choices provided such as trekking, watersports, history and culture, and climbing. Vacationers who seek real adventure are given the chance to switch from the typical activities found in holiday brochures to exploring different and unusual destinations. Also in the Web site are well-known travel destinations with family-friendly locations, but which offer a variation from the conventional sightseeing tours.

Through the joint efforts of Real World Travel, a Tour Operator in the UK under Air Travel Organizer’s Licence (ATOL), and Mindcom Internet, a company on online publishing, PureTravel was established. Real Africa and South Africa Holidays are only two of the specialist travel sites supervised by these two companies.

It took a decade before PureTravel was set into full swing. In the duration of 10 years, a lot of changes took place in the world of travel. The apparent advancement in technology, particularly in the internet, as well as the growth of cheap flights, have made a sizable contribution to making direct booking for tourists not just a concept but a sensible option. Likewise, these aspects marked the end of the dominion of package holidays.

Companies and specialist tour operators, administers each adventure tour was evaluated by PureTravel so they can be certain that they abide by their high standards with regard to environmental awareness and responsible tourism. PureTravel runs by the ethos ‘Go direct, save money and give more back.’

A commitment which emphasises PureTravel’s policy concerning responsible tourism was set forth by them. PureTravel made it clear that they only commission local tour operators that offer the finest long-term benefits to the local communities within their area. These benefits must include, but should not be limited to, supporting environmental preservation.

Newsletters and blogs about travel guides, current travel news, tips and photos are also available on the Web site, and are found in the Special Offers Section.

Because of PureTravel, adventure travellers can now have additional options in regards to booking their holidays. Through PureTravel you are ensured that you will come across real adventure and get to know the world better.

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