Superwomen Boot Camp Owner Val Fujii Shares His Top Weight Loss Tips for Bathing Suit Season

Val Fujii, rapid fat loss expert and owner of Superwomen Boot Camp, shares his top three quick weight loss tips to keep you looking fabulous in your bathing suit this summer.

Folsom, CA, June 12, 2009 --( Local fitness expert and owner of Superwomen Boot Camp, Val Fujii, has helped countless women lose weight with the goal of fitting into their bathing suits while looking and feeling good. And he insists it is much easier to lose weight fast than many women are led to believe.

"Seriously, if women would just follow these three quick weight loss tips they would be well on their way to fitting into their bathing suits this summer," Fujii emphasized. The rapid fat loss expert believes he can help almost any woman who wants to lose weight fast, in a safe and healthy way.

"I want women everywhere to realize just how simple weight loss can be," Fujii added. "They can start with these three tips and they'll be well on their way."

Bathing Suit Season Tip #1:

Avoid soft drinks, juices and other drinks loaded with sugar. These types of drinks are very high in calories. A twelve-ounce soda contains 150 calories of almost all sugar.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #2:

Eat 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. They will help you meet your micronutrient needs for the day. And since they are a good source of fiber, they will help you curb your appetite and control hunger.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #3:

Record what you eat and drink. You will be amazed at what you consume over the course of the day without ever realizing it. Keeping a food journal is critical to your success because it gives you the true picture of what you are eating each day. You may also use or to help you keep an online food journal.

Follow these quick weight loss tips and you are sure to feel good and look fabulous in your bathing suit this summer!


Val Fujii, NASM CPT, PES, is the owner of Superwomen Boot Camp and is a local Folsom and El Dorado Hills fitness professional. He is available for interviews or to discuss other story ideas related to women weight loss and fitness. He can be reached at 916-337-4780 or via email at For even more information please visit
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