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Former CNN Anchor Interviews San Diego Jewelry Buyers

San Diego, CA, June 14, 2009 --( Emmy-award winning journalist Sasha Foo has interviewed San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) in her latest special report: “Selling your gold? Don’t get scammed!” Reporting now for KUSI TV in San Diego, Sasha Foo rose to national prominence while working as an anchor and reporter at CNN in Atlanta.

San Diego Jewelry Buyers is recognized by many as San Diego County’s gold buyer of choice. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints ever lodged against it. This strong reputation helps explain why Ms. Foo chose SDJB to interview, instead of the 100s of other gold jewelry buyers operating in San Diego.

The current economic downturn has been driving more and more San Diegans through the doors of local gold buyers, but Sasha Foo warns the public not to let the “stampede for cash turn into fool’s gold.” The former CNN anchor uncovers a litany of complaints against other San Diego gold buyers while interviewing Sheryl Bilbry of San Diego’s Better Business Bureau, including one prominent gold buyer with a D- minus rating.

These findings highlight the importance of San Diego Jewelry Buyer’s A+ rating and its reputation for always dealing fairly with customers, whether they be selling scrap gold, gold jewelry, or other gold items. SDJB’s dedication to customer service is also shown by that fact that it has the highest number of 5 star Google Reviews among gold buyers in San Diego.

Ms. Foo interviews SDJB’s co-owner Carl Blackburn to discover how reputable gold buyers operate. And towards the end of the news report, she advises San Diegans with gold gemstone jewelry not to go to just any gold buyer but one who is a professional jeweler. San Diego Jewelry Buyers excels at this end of the market. Carl Blackburn is a nationally recognized fine jewelry designer, whose jewelry has been featured in leading industry magazines around the globe.

“At SDJB, we specialize in a wide variety of fine jewelry and precious items,” says Blackburn. “We have decades of experience in estate jewelry, luxury watches, and high brand diamond rings. We also make collateral loans of up to $250K on these luxury assets. This is especially useful to our clients who just need some money temporarily and don’t want to part with a treasured item.”

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