Emergence of Low-Carbon Economy Drives New Solutions for Optimizing Business

Palo Alto, CA, June 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- At a time when many businesses are seeking to understand their carbon footprint and the strategic importance of carbon as an asset or a liability, a new information systems category of Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) is rapidly developing. The newly-released report from AltaTerra Research, “Carbon Management Solutions: Business Value through a New Lens,” describes the changing regulatory and market forces that are making the management of energy use and carbon emissions a strong business imperative, and the Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) that are helping businesses analyze, monitor, and manage energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve associated business performance.

“Carbon management is a new concept for many businesses, and early efforts to track and manage carbon are usually manually-intensive, and inwardly focused,” said Don Bray, President of AltaTerra Research and report co-author. “Companies are beginning to look for ways to better evaluate their carbon impacts in a strategic business context, and to integrate energy and carbon management activities into the fabric of their operations.”

The CMS market is young and fragmented, with many vendors and a complex range of capabilities for analysis, monitoring, reporting, financial management, and carbon trading. The report provides a critical overview of the business drivers, concepts, and capabilities behind corporate carbon management. Thirteen vendor solutions are classified and profiled. Key market trends are discussed, as is a recommended course of action for companies considering implementation of new carbon management capabilities.

Further information and a link to download the summary report are available at: http://altaterra.yourmembership.com/members/blog_view.asp?id=272897&post=72019.

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