New Practices for Green Product Innovation Highlighted in AltaTerra Online Briefing

Experts from Ingersoll Rand’s Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability and AltaTerra Research will discuss how sustainable innovation is being systematically envisioned, organized and implemented in practice to deliver new/improved products and services. - March 15, 2012

IKEA and SoCore Energy to Highlight Expansion of Corporate Solar Power Strategies

Experts from AltaTerra Research, IKEA, and SoCore Energy will discuss how corporations are moving beyond pilot installations, and making organization-wide commitments to onsite solar power to save money and achieve sustainability goals. - March 15, 2012

AltaTerra Online Briefing to Highlight Role of Management Metrics and Incentives in Improving Building Energy Efficiency

AltaTerra Research and expert energy efficiency practitioners will discuss how effective management metrics, monitoring processes, and incentive structures play an essential role in improving building energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. - February 29, 2012

New Industry Report Sees Emerging IT Tools Reshaping Building Energy Management

A new report from AltaTerra Research examines how advances in information technology have enabled a new class of Facility Resource Management (FRM) solutions, sophisticated software-based tools for optimizing energy efficiency in facilities. - December 02, 2011

AltaTerra Briefing to Feature Emerging Corporate and Institutional Strategies for Employee Use of Electric Vehicles

On November 3rd, AltaTerra Research, corporate sustainability, and utility experts will discuss how leading organizations are developing strategies, programs, and infrastructure to support employee use of electric and plug-in electric vehicles, and the practical implications. - October 20, 2011

AltaTerra Briefing to Feature Growing Use of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in Green Power Strategies, and Whole Foods Case Study

On October 12th, AltaTerra Research, along with leading sustainability and green power experts, will discuss how corporations and institutions are utilizing RECs to help meet sustainability goals, and provide best practices for buying and communicating the value of RECs. - October 01, 2011

New Software Solutions Promote Employee Engagement in Sustainability

New report from AltaTerra Research profiles four software solutions that help managers engage employees in sustainability. Solutions in this nascent market support employee education, objective setting, participation and progress tracking, in the context of enterprise-level goals. - September 24, 2011

Case Studies Show Cities Save Money with Effective Energy and Resource Management

Report from AltaTerra Research presents case studies from three municipalities with leading sustainability programs and describes how these cities are saving money by integrating resource efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction into their operations with the help of new resource management information systems. - May 28, 2011

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Briefing Features City of Saint Paul and PG&E

On Thursday, May 12 AltaTerra Research will host the online briefing, “Solutions for Sustainable Cities: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning and Deployment.” The briefing will feature speakers from the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Registration is complimentary for government employees. - April 30, 2011

Free Government Access to Solutions for Sustainable Cities Online Briefing Series

AltaTerra Research online briefing series, “Solutions for Sustainable Cities: Clean Technologies in Municipal Practice,” begins March 31. - March 11, 2011

AltaTerra Research to Discuss On-site Solar Policies and Incentives in Upcoming Briefing

Distinguished speakers from AltaTerra Research and the Solar Electric Industry Association will discuss on March 17 how solar policies are motivating business and institutional customers to “go solar” and what policy changes can be expected for 2011 and beyond. - March 05, 2011

As Oil Prices Rise, AltaTerra Research Holds Energy Trends Briefing for Clean Energy and Sustainability Professionals

In the March 24 online briefing, “Macro Trends in Global Energy Markets: Essentials for Clean Energy and Sustainability Professionals,” leading thinkers provide eye-opening views and easy-to-understand frameworks for near-term and long-term global energy supply and demand and pricing scenarios. - March 03, 2011

Leading Businesses Greening Supply Chains and Institutionalizing Sustainability

New report points to maturing of environmental sustainability concerns and practices in the United States and identifies business practitioners’ top six priorities. - March 02, 2011

New York and Boston to Headline Sustainable Cities Briefing

In the March 10 AltaTerra Research online briefing, “Solutions for Sustainable Cities: Managing Energy and Emissions for Systematic Savings,” Ariella Rosenberg Maron, Deputy Commissioner for Energy Management for the City of New York and Brad Swing, Director of Energy Policy for the City of Boston will share inside views of municipal energy and carbon management strategy. - February 24, 2011

Matt Cheney to Discuss Financing and Deploying New Renewable Technologies in Online Briefing

Solar luminary, Matt Cheney, will join AltaTerra Research on February 3 to discuss the challenge of project financing for renewable energy technologies, how it is affecting customers, and potential solutions to the bankability challenge. - January 12, 2011

AltaTerra Online Briefing to Highlight the Role and Evolution of Next Generation Inverters

AltaTerra Research to deliver online briefing on next generation utility-scale inverters with guest speakers Jurgen Krehnke, President of SMA America, and Tom McCalmont of McCalmont Engineering on December 9. - November 17, 2010

Online Conference Features Market Trends and Case Studies from New Utility Solar Report

Guest speaker, Kathy Salvador of Florida Power & Light joins Jon Guice, lead author of new report from AltaTerra Research, in case study centered discussion of the US utility solar market on December 1. Participants receive complimentary copy of new report. - November 04, 2010

AltaTerra Online Conference on Interactive Sustainability Reporting Features Practitioner from SAP

On November 18, AltaTerra Research will present an online conference that describes leading practices in interactive sustainability reporting, and highlights the experiences of SAP in producing their A+ GRI-rated 2009 Sustainability Report. This is the second in a series of online conferences on sustainability reporting by AltaTerra. - October 27, 2010

International Online Conference on Customers and Market Realities for Concentrating PV

AltaTerra Research to present customer case study and market overview for emerging solar technology, concentrating photovoltaics, during October 27 online conference co-produced by Early adopters have installed concentrating solar electric systems globally for the past... - October 20, 2010

US Utility Solar Market “Taking Off”

AltaTerra Research unveils preview of findings on the utility solar market in the US at Solar Power International in Los Angeles. The full report will be available November 1. - October 15, 2010

Interface, Inc. Featured in Product Life Cycle Innovation Online Conference

Interface, Inc. and AltaTerra Research will address life cycle analysis and environmental product declarations in AltaTerra Research online conference on October 20. - September 29, 2010

New Green Teams Report Presents Framework for Delivering Value

Green Teams Value Contribution Framework in AltaTerra Research’s new report on green teams and value, helps organizations understand and realize green team potential. - September 24, 2010

Online Conference to Highlight Business Value of Green Teams

AltaTerra Research and eBay to discuss how to effectively engage employees on sustainability goals in online conference on September 16. - August 18, 2010

AltaTerra Research Presents Global Outlook and North American Report Card for Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs

Web conference features renewable energy policy expert Paul Gipe on feed-in tariff programs worldwide and new report, "Grading North American Feed-in Tariffs." - July 09, 2010

Corporate Sustainability Becoming "Force of Its Own" in Global Marketplace

New conference report from AltaTerra Research and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group highlights growing force of corporate sustainability in the global marketplace, and how leading companies are creating business advantage through innovation in products and operations. - June 25, 2010

AltaTerra Web Conference on Net Zero Energy Buildings Unites Efficiency and Solar

The web conference, “Net Zero Energy Buildings: Emerging Trend Unites Efficiency and Solar,” featuring David Kaneda, Founder and President of Integrated Design Associates (IDeAs) and Reuben Schwartz, Senior Analyst at AltaTerra Research, will be held Thursday, June 17th. - May 07, 2010

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Web Conference from AltaTerra Research

Web conference, “PACE Funding: Energy Market Breakthrough?” to be held Wednesday, May 19th. - April 30, 2010

Solar Companies Learn to Leverage Public Market Data to Inform Decisions

Solar market experts Larry Sherwood and Jon Guice will instruct April 29th web tutorial for solar companies on using public information in business decisions. - April 01, 2010

Thursday: Silicon Valley Leadership Group Environmental Sustainability Symposium

Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) to hold its 2010 Environmental Sustainability Symposium, “The Sustainable Corporation: Solutions From The Innovation Economy,” this Thursday, March 25th. AltaTerra Research to moderate ‘green product’ panel and write conference report. - March 24, 2010

Starbucks to Discuss Online Sustainability Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement Practices in AltaTerra Research Web Conference

On May 11th Jim Hanna, Director of Environmental Impact at Starbucks Coffee Company will present his company’s experience, highlighted in a recent AltaTerra Research report, “Greening the Company Website: A New Era in Sustainability Reporting.” - February 26, 2010

AltaTerra Research: Solar Water Heating Gets Hot in 2010

Outlook for commercial and industrial solar water heating markets to be presented in March 24th web conference with SEIA, CALSEIA and AltaTerra Research. - February 18, 2010

AltaTerra Research Web Conference Presents Status Update and Outlook for Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs in North American and Worldwide

Once “unthinkable” in North America, renewable energy feed-in tariffs are gaining momentum in the U.S. and elsewhere. On March 4th, author, advocate, and renewable energy industry analyst, Paul Gipe will present the latest developments in the feed-in tariff debate. - February 10, 2010

AltaTerra Research Announces Solar Money and Markets Series

New web conference series to address timely and fundamental questions of economics, finance, subsidies, and sales and marketing for the solar industry in 2010. - February 06, 2010

Companies Can Improve Sustainability Reporting Through Their Websites

New report from AltaTerra Research finds that even leading companies can improve timeliness of information. While there is no single industry leading the way in online reporting practices, leaders across industries score high for ease of website navigation. - January 12, 2010

AltaTerra Research to Moderate Web Conference on the Business Case for Sustainability

The web conference, “Making the Case for Sustainable Business: Smart Strategies Driving the Bottom Line,” featuring business sustainability expert Bob Willard, will be held Thursday, December 10th. Don Bray, President of AltaTerra Research, will moderate the session. - November 16, 2009

Carbon Footprint Reduction Web Conference to be Held December 3rd

Just in time to help organizations meet new demands for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the City of Palo Alto and AltaTerra Research will present, “Carbon Footprint Reduction for the Long Haul.” This web conference includes a case study of Palo Alto’s implementation of an integrated business solution for carbon management, and the process and practice changes required to achieve significant resource and cost savings. - November 14, 2009

What U.S. Business Travelers Are Thinking About Telepresence

November 12th web conference to provide data and analysis on telepresence trends in the U.S. from a recent, comprehensive study by Haddock Research & Branding. - October 30, 2009

AltaTerra Research and the City of Palo Alto to Present Leading Practices on How to Implement Carbon Management and Achieve Operational Cost Savings

On November 11th, AltaTerra Research and the City of Palo Alto will share leading management practices, tools, and an implementation case study on integrated, cross-departmental solutions for tracking and reducing carbon emissions, and related resource costs. - October 29, 2009

AltaTerra Research Sees Growing Interest in Carbon Reduction Strategies for Data Centers

A changing regulatory environment is prompting new long-term thinking about carbon among data center operators. Turnout for expert panel reveals growing interest in strategies for reducing data center carbon emissions. - October 29, 2009

Business Guru Bob Willard on Sustainability Champions

AltaTerra Research announces event series featuring renowned author Bob Willard. In web conference format, Mr. Willard will discuss sustainability champions on November 4th and the business case for sustainability on December 10th. - October 25, 2009

Solar Companies Prepare for 2010 at U.S. Market Outlook Web Conference

Market authority Larry Sherwood to present U.S. solar market trends, including preliminary results for 2009 and projections for 2010, at October 20th web conference from AltaTerra Research. - October 09, 2009

Palo Alto Cuts Carbon with Hara

A new case study from AltaTerra Research examines the implementation of Hara carbon management software by the city of Palo Alto, California to track municipal greenhouse gas emissions and energy, water and other resource use. - October 09, 2009

U.S. Climate and Energy Legislation: Doom, Gloom or Opportunity for IT?

AltaTerra Research web conference to explore what the Waxman-Markey Bill and other energy regulations mean for IT executives. Featured speaker is D.K. Foster, Founder of Clean Tech C2C. - August 15, 2009

AltaTerra Research Announces Solar Industry and Sustainability Series

Solar power is among the most environmentally-friendly energy technologies. Yet, opportunities remain to reduce environmental impacts of solar companies all along the supply chain. This series explores ways of expanding solar’s environmental benefits. - August 07, 2009

California May Rival Western Europe in Development and Deployment of Renewable Energy in Next Decade, Says AltaTerra Research

California leads the U.S. in renewable energy. Learn more about the technologies, companies, markets, and policies that are driving growth during AltaTerra’s July 30th web conference: “Keys to California.” - July 24, 2009

Enphase Energy, National Semiconductor, SolarTech to Discuss Microinverters, SolarMagic and Improving Photovoltaic System Performance at July 2nd Web Conference

Microinverters and SolarMagic promise to improve the performance of solar photovoltaic systems. But will they deliver? Learn more about these emerging technologies at AltaTerra’s July 2nd web conference: “Improving Photovoltaic System Performance.” - June 28, 2009

Emergence of Low-Carbon Economy Drives New Solutions for Optimizing Business

At a time when many businesses are seeking to understand their carbon footprint and the strategic importance of carbon as an asset or a liability, a new information systems category of Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) is rapidly developing. The newly-released report from AltaTerra Research,... - June 18, 2009

Energy Policy and Markets Debates: a New Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff for California?

AltaTerra Research is pleased to announce two upcoming web conferences in their Energy Policy and Markets Debate series. The series provides background and current status information on feed-in tariffs in North America with a focus on the policy under discussion in California. It is designed to shed light on emerging issues and points of disagreement. - June 18, 2009

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