South Lake Tahoe

Discovered in 1844 and located in the Tahoe Basin, the South Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to unwind and be one with nature. It has been acknowledged for being one of the best summer and winter destinations. Millions of people have chosen to visit South Lake Tahoe and most of them keep coming back for more. The administration of the place ensures that in spite of the large number of tourists, the pristine beauty of the place is not compromised.

Miami, FL, August 17, 2006 --( Getting to South Lake Tahoe is easy. You can chose to travel by plane, train, bus, car or the local shuttle service. Those who drive for a South Lake Tahoe vacation enjoy the added pleasure of the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the pine forests and dense green forests.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the South Lake Tahoe is the inimitable climate. Even though the South Lake Tahoe receives sunshine for 300 days of the year, it has four distinct climates. The large amount of snow that falls in a relatively short span of time allows for 20 inches of fluffy snow that is a skiers delight. A picnic basket, some games and books are the best accompaniments on a cool, dry but sunny summer day.

The assortment of activities that this location offers is incomparable to most of the big cities that one might choose as a vacation spot. The presence of the hills and a lake juxtapose to offer hiking, biking, golf, lake activities, fishing, skiing, boating and horse riding. The heavenly Ski Resort at South Lake Tahoe offers one of the most convenient slopes to descend in a snow mobile, snowshoes or a snowboard. Hiking at the Fallen Tree Lake can take you into the Desolation Wilderness and give you the chance to experience the adventure of your life.

It offers a myriad of options for lodging including South Lake Tahoe vacation homes, South Lake Tahoe condos, South Lake Tahoe apartments, South Lake Tahoe cottages and South Lake Tahoe cabins. The choice available is varied enough to provide the perfect option for those who enjoy bright lights and fanfare as well as those who prefer a serene and calm holiday. You can enjoy in this heavenly abode irrespective of whether you want to pamper yourself with a sauna, swimming pool, skiing, barbecue and Jacuzzi or spend a few days away from the hectic routine on a show string budget.

Just as the choice of boarding is baffling, the number of websites that try and lure you to this magnificent spot and try their services are also bewildering. At you will be able to find the most comprehensive and relevant listing of the best offers on vacation rentals, hotels and bed and breakfast for South Lake Tahoe.  There are South Lake Tahoe cabins, apartments and condos that give you an excellent view of the lake and some resorts open out to the mountains to choose from.

The rich smell of the pine trees diffuses in the air at the South Lake Tahoe cottages located in the mountains. These cottages offer you the flexibility of enjoying a quiet evening in front of the fire place or descending for some action in the shops, museums, casinos and night life if you are in the mood of some company.

For those intending a long vacation, homes, apartments and condos can be obtained of lease for a month or more. The lease rates range can range from 600USD a month for a small 2 bedroom apartment to as high as 1000USD for a condo and 1700 for a home. Deposits are also required to take the property on lease. The rates differ based on the location, view, amenities provided and other such factors.

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