Sentrana Seeks Rapid Knowledge Dissemination via Continuously Updated Blog

Sentrana Inc. has began active contribution to an enterprise-wide blog, which will publicly disseminate marketing and pricing insights.

Washington, DC, June 20, 2009 --( Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in revenue optimization technology, has begun active contribution to an enterprise-wide blog, which will be publicly accessible. This blog provides a rapid conduit for Sentrana thought-leadership on marketing and pricing insights to be disseminated across a broad readership-base. In the current shifting economic landscape, Sentrana believes that managers, and organizations as a whole, must constantly revise old opinions and discover new insights in order to make strategically sound pricing and inventory decisions.

With B2B and B2C markets in a state of turmoil deep enough to strain existing theories of how markets behave, managers’ abilities to make sound pricing and marketing decisions are undermined. The economy is still rife with an unprecedented variety of products, per capita advertising expenditures, and a bewildering array of customer segments, whilst suffering vast wealth erosion where demand from everyone and for everything is receding. Sentrana CEO Syeed Mansur elaborates, “There is no precedence for how businesses should rebalance their product assortments with respect to their ad-spend and pricing, which means that insights must be formed in the ‘here and now’ – we must analyze today’s data and reshape our old insights. With a wealth erosion of $50 trillion in 2008, companies cannot afford to wait until economic stabilization before taking action, both within their outlook and practice.” By implementing their knowledge-based weblog, Sentrana hopes to open a dialogue with groups that are profoundly concerned with pricing and marketing decisions.

Sentrana’s massive market and data analysis endeavors are continuously uncovering new insights by working with current data, and believe that new knowledge combined with timely pricing and marketing insights will be the path out of this economic turmoil. Disseminating this stream of knowledge as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance, and it is for this reason that Sentrana mobilized an externally visible blog for Sentrana’s scientists, solutions architects, and econometricians to publish their insights instantly, and to generate deep discussion with others’ concerned with today’s pricing issues.

Sentrana’s blog is available at:

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