Prison Dreams — New Book Introduces Revolutionary Inmate Rehabilitation Tool

Sun City Center, FL, July 02, 2009 --( Carol Oschmann began dream study to rid herself of stress and to control the nightmares that haunted her. After reading Edgar Cayce On Dreams, she adopted the belief that God talks to us in dreams, and the message was confirmed for her when a Baptist minister said, “I don’t know how God talks to you, but He talks to me in my dreams.” Oschmann spent three years volunteering as a class leader in a women’s prison, teaching dream interpretation, and the result is her new book, Prison Dreams, published by Outskirts Press.

Prison Dreams is a compilation of the author’s experiences and the experiences of the female inmates in her group. Originally the idea was to use these discussions to gather some unusual dream images to use in her outside dream groups, classes, and lectures, but Oschmann was astounded at the lifelong changes in the way the women of the prison began to view themselves, their capabilities, their relationships, and their addictions after analyzing the meaning of their dreams. It began a new movement of introspection and therapy that very few people have learned to use. Oschmann hopes that this book will encourage people to learn the art of dream interpretation, lead dream groups, and volunteer their time in prisons nationwide.

“Inmates don’t think much of themselves to begin with or they wouldn’t be where they are,” says Oschmann. “When they discover they have a best friend in whoever is giving them their dreams, they eagerly await the instructions of the dreams—the next step in getting and keeping a better life. Lives change when one suddenly sees his or her own personal value increase.”

According to the Justice Department Report (11/30/06), one out of every 32 people in this country are either in jail, on probation, or have a warrant out for their arrest, and the numbers have surely increased since that time. Rehabilitation, treatment for addiction, and group therapy could do wonders for this segment of the population, increasing their feelings of self-worth and instilling a sense of hope for a better future.

Carol brought to my attention the difference between my ego consciousness and my subconscious. My ego is where I’m conditioned by what others say, trying to fit in—sure some is the true me, but a lot is my conditioning to fit in, and I am learning to be the true Billie through Carol’s work and finding the messages from my subconscious. This is the aha moment. I feel the whole world can use this if they are open to it. She is a wonderful speaker/instructor/teacher/friend.
—Billie Laurin, Inmate
Hillsborough Correctional Institution

One of the inmates Oschmann counseled had been shot in the head as a child and suffered nightmares every time she closed her eyes. With the help of the class, she was able to get rid of these nightmares and replace them with more uplifting, spiritual images. This book particularly addresses reforming prison inmates, but there are also prisons we create ourselves, with mental bars. And you don’t have to be a dream worker to appreciate the life-changing power of the stories contained in Prison Dreams.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3936-2 Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback SRP: $19.95
Genre: Dreams — General

About the Author: Carol Oschmann was born in upstate New York. The mother of three and grandmother of four, bookkeeper by trade, Oschmann was amazed as her life shifted to that of a writer and photographer for a travel magazine, program planner for a TV travel program, and dream researcher. Carol is a graduate of the Haden Institute and is a Dream Group Leader. She leads a weekly dream study group in Sun City, Florida and at a correctional facility in Florida. Carol contributes to Dream Network Magazine, and, a popular speaker, she also gives lectures on dreams for church groups, senior groups, women’s groups, Lions Clubs, Rotaries, and other organizations. Oschmann is the author of a previous book, God Speaks In Dreams; Connect With Him And Each Other.

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