Broadcasters Association Finalizes Organizational Structure

Los Angeles, CA, July 07, 2009 --( The Digital Broadcasters Association (DBA) has finalized the organizational structure of the association. This structure governs how the organization is set up and managed, and will determine the long-term stability of the trade group.

Those involved with the Digital Broadcasters Association will quickly acknowledge that one of the key strengths of the DBA is it’s potential to generate a large member base. This is because the association represents the collective interests of a variety of broadcast markets, some of which are too small to gain ground on their own.

While this is certainly good for the association, it also presents a set of challenges that other broadcast associations do not contend with. Each broadcast segment that the trade association represents has it’s own unique challenges and needs, and in some instances those needs may conflict with the needs of another group within the organization.

"We understand that there are specific challenges to face, and we have a plan for how we will meet those challenges. The key is in having a structure in place that can effectively manage these issues." stated Jerry Garner, Founder and Managing Director of the Digital Broadcasters Association.

The DBA has now released details about the initial structure of the organization. Complete information can be found in the "About Us" section of the organization’s web site.

To summarize how the organization is set up, each broadcast segment that the organization represents will have a committee. This committee is responsible for identifying the needs of their broadcast group and proposing methods for accommodating those needs. Each committee will then elect a Director, who will represent the broadcast sector in the organization’s Policy Advisory Board.

"This is just the beginning," Garner said "We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have to establish the basic structure before we can proceed to the next phase."

According to Garner, there is a calculated method to building an organization of this nature, and the group is currently gathering the building blocks that are necessary to successfully accomplish its goals.

About the Digital Broadcasters Association
The Digital Broadcasters Association (DBA) strives to serve the interests of the digital broadcasting community. The association promotes cooperation and understanding among it's members, which helps foster an environment of unity. The DBA also endorses and encourages the development of 21st century technologies that will enhance the scope of digital broadcasting. Additionally, the association presents a united effort to represent the interests of digital broadcasters in Government, by campaigning for favorable broadcast initiatives and lobbying against policies that restrict our members' ability to conduct business.

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