Anna Pereira Super Sexy LLC
Anna Pereira Super Sexy LLC

Designs Created by Anna Pereira Are Not Only Sexy and Fashion Forward, They Have Added Karmic Vibes

Anna Pereira the New Jersey based artist designer has been known for years and around the globe for her completely unique, custom and trendy designs. She has been hailed as the 'airbrush queen' during her former reign of Super Sexy brand custom shirts. Her style and use of bold colors and designs are completely her own.

Union, NJ, July 15, 2009 --( For the 2009 line her designs have been reinvented with very specific influences. Historically, Anna had always believed in confidence being the root to any success and her line always punctuated the belief that all women are sexy and one's confidence, allure and individuality makes you Super Sexy.

Recently, her artistic, colorful designs have transformed to have even deeper meaning. Sexy tanks and t-shirts with her custom signature hand painted designs, echo the influence of a spiritually connected clothing line. Subject matters such as Guardian Angels and positive encouraging words are used throughout her line.

"You know the saying..."made with love" when you speak of a delicious meal? When I produce my clothing, all hand printed and painted, I infuse each one with positive vibes'," states Anna. "Each of my designs represent something positive and I make a little wish that the wearer of my garment will experience a most benevolent outcome for themselves and their needs. My Guardian Angels watch over you for your good interest regarding, love, health, money, knowledge, protection and more. My Inspiring Tanks encourage bringing fourth specific dynamics like love, energy, prosperity, joy and serenity. So if you are what you wear, then you will find comfort in my new creations for this year."

Anna has been an advocate for women and has always supported the positive thinking theory. She is a motivator as well as an entrepreneur and artist. She gives inspiration to people through her clothing line as well as just speaking with her. Evoking a radiance in women is a key element that she strives to achieve.

"I am here to help make this world a better place. I fill it with my designs and color and with spreading around some good Karma. If you can make someone feel good and they pay it forward, you automatically have made the world a better place. I firmly believe in being a spiritual person and always finding the silver lining. Believe in yourself, have respect for yourself and those around you; Work your hardest and be committed to what drives you. You can't fail if you are true to yourself."

Her line is featured on She also participates in art and craft shows in the New York and New Jersey area. A show schedule of her upcoming events can be viewed by logging into her site.

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