'Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme'© Training and Certification Program Launching Sept. 2009, London

Chicago, IL, July 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The 'Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme'© (RAX©) training program will give many RA professionals their first glimpse of the high impact/high value methods that make GRAPA’s standards the baseline for revenue assurance practice around the world. Since its inception, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) has been responsible for developing a new breed of revenue assurance professional, a process that has led to the registration of 2500+ members and the distribution of over 2000 copies of GRAPA’s 2009 standards book.

A GRAPA certified revenue assurance professional takes a radical approach to the issues modern telcos face—their uncompromising, take-no-prisoners credo compels them to discover and remedy risks to telco revenues wherever those risks happen to be, and using any means necessary.

Praised as a paradigm-altering experience, the (RAX©) program has been so successful in realigning the mindsets of RA professionals because it is based on first-hand practical implementation of the GRAPA standards—to unprecedented effect—across scores of telecom operating companies. GRAPA’s success around the world has allowed it to collect, analyze and assemble a unique critical mass of revenue assurance knowledge—distilled into a concise, five day, high impact curriculum guaranteed to change how people think and feel about Revenue Assurance.

According to Rob Mattison, GRAPA’s President, “Many carriers have clung to old and outdated assumptions regarding revenue assurance. Such well-worn ideas may have served in decades past, but in today’s fast-paced, chaotic and ever-changing telecoms environment, the ‘tried and true’ methods of yesteryear become enormous liabilities.” Mattison added that “Especially during hard economic times, CFO’s and revenue assurance managers have to take a good hard look at their revenue assurance spending and make sure this expenditure generates as much hard revenue as possible.”

“We want people to wake up, to get their heads out of the sand,” said Louis Khor, GRAPA’s Communications Director. “Telco revenue assurance departments have reached a critical turning point. RA managers can either surrender to the past and allow themselves to be boxed into self-defeating, irrelevant and ancillary functions—that offer no strategic value—or they can step up to the real challenges that telcos face, and show how revenue assurance can deliver significant and immediate value.”

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About GRAPA:

The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) is a not-for-profit organization created to serve the interests of revenue assurance professionals throughout the world. As the leading standards, certification and professionalizing body in revenue assurance, GRAPA is committed to core principals of consensus, rationalization and integrity in all its endeavors. GRAPA’s goal is to further the professional stature of those working in revenue assurance, and to have their essential functions recognized at the core of efficient and effective telecommunications industry practice. GRAPA believes that this can only be achieved through the rigorous application of ratified global standards, the certification of trained and qualified professionals, and the continuous education of those who work in such an essential, demanding and constantly evolving discipline.

Revenue Assurance—The Profit in Keeping What’s Yours.

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