1-Day Intensive MNO/ VNO Billing & Settlement Master Class Featured at GRAPA's Amsterdam Event

GRAPA to launch a 1-day VNO/MNO Masterclass at Amsterdam event in September. Designed for advanced VNO professionals, this highly-intensive program covers the most critical risk and assurance issues faced by VNO and MNO organizations. - August 04, 2013

New Revenue Assurance Managers Advanced Certification Program to Premiere in Amsterdam

GRAPA to offer new advanced certification program for Revenue Assurance Management. Designed to help the RA Manager adapt his team to the generation of assurance issues, this event will premiere this September in Amsterdam. - August 02, 2013

New – 1 Day, Intensive Master Class in LTE/IMS: Monetization, Billing and Fraud Protection

GRAPA, the Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association, announces the launch of an intensive 8-hour LTE- Monetization, Billing and Fraud Protection Master class. This course is designed to provide experienced GSM, wireline and other seasoned RA professionals with an exhaustive briefing on... - July 31, 2013

GRAPA Announces the Launch of Mbanking Assurance Certification

New Program focused on biggest mobile money risks: frauds, hacks, and partner protection. - September 30, 2011

GRAPA Introduces New YouTube Video Series

Beginners Guide Clarifies the Fundamental Questions of the Revenue Assurance Role - July 16, 2011

GRAPA's Telecoms Fraud Academy Launches New Website: Fresh Look, Added Features, More Information

The offerings of the Telecom Fraud Academy (TFA) are now easier to access than ever. Find the most relevant information about TFA's training events, alumni, programs, informative white papers and videos as well as exclusive member content on the completely renovated Telecom Fraud Academy... - July 14, 2011

Experienced Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager from Latin America Joins GRAPA Faculty for 2011

Pamela Noriega, experienced Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance manager, will be joining GRAPA’s faculty to develop new training curriculum and to work with members of the Latin American community in order to further GRAPA’s ability to meet the needs of Latin American telcos. - October 31, 2010

Love Revenue Assurance? GRAPA Announces New Blog for Telecoms Revenue Professionals.

Louis Khor, GRAPA’s Director of Research, Launches Editorial Series on Joy and Pride of Working in Revenue Assurance. - July 02, 2010

GRAPA Creates New Discussion-Based Blog for Telecoms Revenue Professionals: Join the Discussion

GRAPA’s newest blog focuses on issues faced by the entire revenue professional community. - July 02, 2010

GRAPA Certifies First Class of Telco Fraud Officers in Lagos

GRAPA’s newest Telecom Fraud Management certification program, the Telco Fraud Officer, launched as a huge success at a recent certification training event held in Lagos. - April 25, 2010

GRAPA Offers Free Downloads of Publications & Presentations Through Telco Fraud Officer Library

GRAPA's all-new Telco Fraud Officer Program announces the release of the new Telco Fraud Officer library, offering free downloads of valuable whitepapers, presentations and more. - March 10, 2010

New Telco Fraud Master Class Features Collaboration by Regional Experts

True to its vision of providing good, community-based certification training to telecoms professionals, GRAPA announces the formation of a Telco Fraud Officer Committee to forsee growth of new telco fraud management certification training program. - February 21, 2010

Fighting Telco Fraud, Cyber Terrorism, SimBOX/Bypass: A Comprehensive New Approach to Telco Fraud

New Telco Fraud Officer Certification Training Pilot to be held in Lagos, Nigeria this March. Additional locations planned for 2010. - February 10, 2010

GRAPA Certifies 30 Internal Auditors in Revenue Assurance from Protiviti’s Member Firm for the Middle East Region

Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association certifies 30 Internal Auditors as Certified Bachelors in Revenue Assurance (CB-RA) from Protiviti’s Member Firm for the Middle East Region. - February 04, 2010

GRAPA Revenue Assurance Regulatory Certification Awarded to Tarig Rahamtalla

Global Revenue Assurance Association certifies first member from US Regulator Tarig Rahamtalla, Senior Financial Analyst for the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) - January 06, 2010

GRAPA Certifies an Entire Country of Revenue Assurance Professionals

Uganda—The First Country of GRAPA Certified Professionals. In a nationwide event open to revenue assurance professionals from all over the country, GRAPA trained and certified the majority of revenue assurance teams from Uganda’s largest telcos. - November 13, 2009

Revenue Assurance Profession Booming Globally, RA Association Adds 500 Members in 3 Months

Regardless of Recession or Recovery—Revenue Assurance Profession Maintains Profound Pace of Growth. Decoupling from the instability of traditional business cycles, revenue assurance professionals all around the world continue to rapidly expand their influence and mindshare within telcos. - October 21, 2009

GRAPA's European Chapter Announces Its 50th Revenue Assurance Training Graduate

Ten members received Bachelors level certification at the London pilot of GRAPA’s ‘Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme’© Training Event. - October 14, 2009

SITM and GRAPA Address Asian Revenue Assurance at Communique ’09: Asian Telecoms Seminar

GRAPA Addresses Regional Telecoms Leaders on Revenue Assurance’s Role in ‘Connecting Asia,’ as well as Post-Downturn Telecoms Management in India and beyond - October 11, 2009

Internal Audit Certification for Telecom Revenues Introduced

GRAPA Certifies Bachelors of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues (CB-IATR) - September 06, 2009

A New Kind of Revenue Assurance Event: GRAPA Pilots Revenue Assurance Un-Conferences for Cape Town, Dubai and Las Vegas 2009

Un-Conferences/GRAPA User Groups (GUG©) being piloted in Cape Town 19-23 Oct, Dubai 12-17 Nov and Las Vegas 7-12 Dec. - August 09, 2009

Revenue Assurance Certification Offered to Telecommunications Regulators — GRAPA Certifies Bachelors of Revenue Assurance Regulatory Compliance (CB-RARC)

Responding to demand from national telecommunications regulators, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) is offering certification to government agencies looking to apply internationally ratified revenue assurance standards. Rob Mattison, GRAPA’s President, talked... - July 20, 2009

'Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme'© Training and Certification Program Launching Sept. 2009, London

The 'Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme'© (RAX©) training program will give many RA professionals their first glimpse of the high impact/high value methods that make GRAPA’s standards the baseline for revenue assurance practice around the world. Since its inception, the Global Revenue... - July 20, 2009

GRAPA Announces New Certification Criteria for 2010

Due to the success of its Master of Revenue Assurance certification program, The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association’s (GRAPA) is looking to offer companion certifications to meet demand from its members. In line with that, GRAPA is submitting a set of proposals for approval by... - July 15, 2009

2500+ Members Registered with the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA)

Formed in 2007, and with only 300 members at the end of its first year, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) recently celebrated the registration of its 2500th member. The event further solidifies GRAPA’s position as the leading standards body and professional... - July 11, 2009

First East African Certified as Master of Revenue Assurance Management (CM-RAM)

The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) is proud to announce the certification of its first Master of Revenue Assurance Management from East Africa. Mark, the first East African to certify, lives in a country that has experienced decades of political upheaval and violence. - May 29, 2009

20% of CDRs Not Forwarded to Mediation, 16% of Revenue Assurance Professionals Cannot Name Brand of Mediation System

According to a new study by the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA), a significant number of telecommunications carriers, rather than forwarding all CDRs to a mediation system, instead bypass mediation and forward CDRs to a data warehouse or fraud management system. “By... - May 21, 2009

Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) Expands Online Community Offerings with New Front Page and Blog Listings

As part of its continuing advocacy for consensus, integrity and rationalization when serving the needs of its 2200+ members, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) is expanding its online community efforts with the launch of a new front page at www.grapatel.com, as well as... - May 13, 2009

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