Sytel Bucks the Trend, Posting 30% Growth in Revenue

Aylesbury, United Kingdom, July 19, 2009 --( Sytel Limited, a global supplier of hosted and on-premise IP contact center solutions, today announced substantial year-end growth, bucking the trend of the times.

"In the year to March 2009, Sytel's revenues rose by 30%," said Michael McKinlay, Managing Director of Sytel Limited "and we are looking for similar growth this year."

McKinlay attributes the growth Sytel is experiencing to three important factors.

"Firstly, innovation. In recessionary times the pace of innovation doesn't slow. If anything, it increases as call centers look for new ways of doing business and staying competitive. The challenge for our world-class development team is not just to innovate in response, but to anticipate the needs of the market. So for example we have made big investments in our hosted systems in the past five years, making them multi-tenant throughout, VoIP-enabled, highly scalable and with instant failover. But this investment hasn’t been at the expense of site-based systems which remain a core part of our business.

"The second factor is the support we give our customers. Our product is used in over 40 countries around the world - but it doesn't matter where our customers are, if they tell us they need help - of any kind - then we have a standard response time everywhere of one hour. Not weeks and not days; one hour. Our philosophy is straight forward: our customers fund our business and deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism.

"The third factor is the quality of our people. We hire the best and then keep them. That means continuity in all we do. And keeping know-how inhouse means that we, and our customers, aren't shackled to legacy systems that can't respond to today's and tomorrow's needs."

About Sytel

Sytel Limited delivers secure, resilient IP telephony infrastructure software for carriers, enterprises and hosted contact center providers, connecting and managing calls and media sessions, without boundary. Sytel solutions provide high-volume routing and media processing on a distributed host-based platform, and are driving inbound, outbound and blended telephony and other media types in over 40 countries. Their toolset delivers advanced capabilities to subscribers via the web, including scripting of call processing, real-time reporting and configurable dashboards.

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