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If Spain, her culture, her festivities and her lifestyle, along with her destinations and places, are of interest to over 52 million tourists a year, her images have a market with a greater and greater demand.

Zaragoza, Spain, August 29, 2006 --( Spanishpromotions has just launched a new free service for those users who are fond of photography and who would like to release and promote their images in the international market.

The Photo Archive of Briggs International Consulting, the company that manages the website, is being fully incorporated into miPhotoSpain. MiPhotoSpain aims to be a free community to show the image of Spain to the foreign market –the main recipient of the multimedia contents distributed in In the first half of 2006 it has served the online world with over 2 million pages about Spain, her culture and tourism.

The objective of sharing our works, our knowledge and the way we look at events is, like in the Internet, our main motivation. The pictures that we share from trips and tours of different areas and cities in Spain are graphic materials at low resolution, which are taken as references by travellers, visitors and tourists. These are also samples for a number of agencies that are already interested in the possible purchase of the pictures. We cannot forget that Spain is the second tourist destination in the world.

It is a simple procedure. Users register and create their own galleries. Then, the website promotes and spreads the pictures. All the pictures uploaded by the users are protected under the Creative Commons licence and their low resolution format (72 dpi) ensures authorship and the impossibility of making commercial use of the work.

Unlike other systems, the website neither sells nor gets commissions on the pictures of the users. These ones receive directly the offers of the potential purchasers of the pieces of work. The archive only promotes the best pictures in articles and reports, always including the name and the contact details of their authors.

From now on, spanishpromotions itself will have its own archive and the community of users which will serve as a reference in the image of Spain, PhotoSpain.

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