Project: Reggaeologist is the Worldwide CD Release from the World’s Most Renowned Dancehall, Club and Reggae Artists, the Original Black Pantah, on Tropical / Sunset

The original Black Pantah sets up to release his debut CD, Project: Reggaelogost with Sunset’s, Tropical Records on August 11th.

New York, NY, July 20, 2009 --( Project: Reggaeologist is the worldwide CD release from the world’s most renowned dancehall, club and reggae artists, the Original Black Pantah, on Tropical / Sunset Records.

The original Black Pantah sets up to release his debut CD, Project: Reggaelogost with Sunset’s, Tropical Records on August 11th.

The greater part of the Jamaican reggae styled dance-hall records have stuck to the same beats, writing styles and overall three-beat rhythms. Many songs have lyrics bordering on raunchy and violence with so called, limitations from these experiences in life. That style of music is directly geared to being played at clubs and on the dance floor with it’s the rough-and-gritty tone of its local slang that is capable of turning a lot of heads in the music world. There are now many variations to this style of music that include rap and hip-hop to accompany in incredible groove throughout each song. Many styles of music are a major part of dance hall reggae.

A few years back, the Black Pantah had decided a few things about his new recording project, his goal was to vary off what has been set in placed with regard to dancehall and reggae music, and to add to the landscape for dance-hall DJs and reggae artists. Pantah went to record in Florida to the Nu Jamz Studio located near the Walt Disney World Orlando Studio and Themed Park. He then recorded the old traditional song, “I A Buffalo Soldier” dancehall style creating its own arrangement for the song popularized by the legend, Bob Markey and the Wailers. And, throughout the entire CD, Project: Reggaeologist, he is very much going above the norm for reggae dance-hall rhythms with amazing textures, layers and levels making every song at a high level. Pantah was never before defined by any specific metaphorical stance in life, but, it’s clear to see that the incredible dancehall artist has made a full length album for all music fans, eclectic music listeners, let alone world music and reggae fans.

In the song “We Need Love," the Original Black Pantah is the quintessential song for all music lovers and is the first single for the label to be worked right at world music radio stations. The song is already peaking in the top ten (10) at AOL’s Our Stage web site and the overall groove is what makes this a great album. The changes in the styles and arrangements creating a magic carpet ride from the verses to the hooks make this song more than your average dance-hall track. The flow with reggae, rap and dance hall – helps tells the story about what he wants in life. After preaching from the Bible to start the CD, the second track is an ode to himself as an MC with an obvious upbeat and religious roots reggae base. And, the CD continues with the "Hey Blacks," song and the album boats an extra remind version of the song. “I have been rather vocal about how excited I am to be able to work this incredible album,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Tropical / Sunset Records.

Tropical has set up two release dates to add value to this CD release by releasing the single configuration worldwide to retail stores all over the world next month on August 11th, the label will release the CD plus DVD in late September this year. After a year of signing amazing talent at Tropical, it is easy to see how this new affiliation with Tropical Records, the East Coast reggae label at Sunset Records, is going to be for the career of the Black Pantah. This album is chockfull of opinioned and theoretical soul searching songs about life.

The debut album from dance hall's rising star, the Original Black Pantah is austerely a hardcore quintessential dance-hall reggae album. Pantah’s vocal grit and baritone spring up what are unexpected subject matters for the artist on this CD, and there is anything but that three-beat rhythm we are used to hearing ion dancehall cds. The music is what will speak for itself as this is one of the top reggae albums released this year.

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