Survey: Young People Paying for Their Own Travel, Planning Multiple Trips

Lewisville, TX, July 23, 2009 --( A survey conducted by STA Travel - a global travel specialist with 30 years experience helping students, teachers and young professionals travel the world – found that young people are paying for their own travel and planning multiple trips for the rest of 2009.

Results showed that 92 percent of those surveyed are planning to travel in 2009, with 37 percent planning two trips and 34 percent planning at least three trips before the end of the year.

“These results reflect the low prices available for travel right now,” said James Bell, commercial VP at STA Travel. “Young people are planning multiple trips, have the ability to pay for their own trips and are planning to expand their horizons by traveling overseas. This is a golden age when it comes to travel for millennials especially who often have less responsibilities and can take advantage of the available low prices.”

Young People Paying Their Own Way

When it comes to paying for their trip, young travelers don’t expect their family to foot the bill.
· 68 percent of respondents said they are paying for their trip with personal cash and savings
· 10 percent said their family was paying for their travel
· 10 percent said that their trip was being funded by gifts from family and friends
· 8 percent said they are taking out loans to pay for their travel

International Destinations Most Popular

With prices on international airfare being lower than many young people have ever seen, they are taking the opportunity to travel overseas. 42 percent of respondents reported having plans to travel internationally for either leisure or work and study abroad programs in 2009.

Among those respondents who gave specific destinations, London, England, and Paris, France, were among the most popular with many destinations in Western Europe holding strong with young travelers.

Of those planning to travel, but not internationally, 11 percent favored a road trip with a further 22 percent planning a domestic getaway for leisure travel.

About the Survey
STA Travel distributed the survey via e-mail and its social media communities. The survey was completed by over 1200 respondents, with over 80 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 26.

About STA Travel
STA Travel is a global travel specialist with 30 years experience helping students, teachers and young professionals travel the world. We offer a unique range of products with exclusive discounts on airfare, accommodations, tours, rail passes and more. Globally we are present in 90 countries with 400 retail locations, sending over 6 million travelers away each year.

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