Wireless Standard Analyzer (WS Analyzer) Brings the Power of Information to Life

In Bill Gates’s book “Business @ The Speed of Thought” he says, “How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” In this age of real-time information, it’s not enough to just gather and manage data; management needs the tools to track, trend, and analyze that data quickly, easily, and comprehensively.

Brooklyn, NY, September 04, 2006 --(PR.com)-- B2B Soft, a business-to-business software solutions company specializing in applications for the wireless/cellular retail industry, understands the importance of information management and has built a business around helping retailers keep track of and manage all aspects of their wireless operations. Over 3,000 retailers of wireless/cellular phones, accessories, and services currently use B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard POS solution to improve their business performance and provide a better overall customer experience.

While capturing information at the point of sale has become mission critical to the sales process and for better business management, it’s what you can do with that information that will make the difference. B2BSoft is taking data mining to the next level with its new advanced reporting solution, WS Analyzer, due out in October 2006.

WS Analyzer is a robust analytical software solution that gives wireless & cellular retailers and dealers an easy-to-use tool for the multi-dimensional exploration of their business data. WS Analyzer allows a retailer to drop-and-drag fields of information to explore and view data relationships through an easy to navigate and understand graphical interface.

With WS Analyzer, retailers can quickly and easily:
See what are the hottest and/or most profitable items, what phones tend to sell with which plans, who are your most profitable and efficient employees.
Track activations, phones & accessories sales trends, monthly, quarterly, yearly
View by different dimensions such as sales per region, and sales by product categories, brands, employees, etc. …
Drill down for increasing levels of detail
Sort, filter, group, rank, drag and drop
View and analyze data relationships in a graphical format for easy viewing and ‘snapshots’
View the details behind the statistics

WS Analyzer offers high performance and real-world flexibility. Its user friendliness means anyone of any level of skill can easily slice and dice, sort, project and present information for better business insights. And, the common XML-based report format means that a report can be opened in whatever client the user is most comfortable with, including Windows and web-based applications. This results in a more immediate ROI and lower training expenses. WS Analyzer also interfaces with all Wireless Standard applications while allowing seamless integration into your current system. Moreover, WS Analyzer processes and summarizes data in the application layer and only returns results at a summary level, conserving bandwidth and optimizing network efficiency.

The best business decisions are made when information is enhanced by context and dimension. It’s not enough to know what sold today and be able to calculate commissions; the real story is behind the numbers. Being able to track, compare, and trend sales and other operational activities is a powerful advantage in today’s highly competitive wireless market. This unprecedented ability to customize business information in highly meaningful ways helps retailers better manage their inventory, make more strategic buying decisions, deploy resources where they are needed most and proactively respond to market trends. It’s that simple!

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Gary Khabinski
att: Wireless Standard POS