Tired of Lousy Hotel Fitness Amenities? No More.

Vancouver, Canada, September 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Today the name and brand for a new travel review website ‘for fit travelers, by fit travelers’ was revealed. HotelGymReview.com is the name of the newest entry into the User Generated Review online travel marketplace.

Geared towards the fitness minded road warrior business traveler, plus the health oriented leisure traveler, HotelGymReview.com will launch in fall 2009 as a travel review website.

Co-founder, Matthias Morel, explains “The website will rank accommodations based on user generated reviews of the hotel’s fitness amenities, which will include a variety of aspects such as the quality of a hotel’s fitness center equipment. Other amenities, such as the overall hotel experience won’t be disregarded, but will be a less important factor.”

The concept of HotelGymReview.com came about when the two co-founders were stuck at a hotel on an extended business trip, which had great amenities for the average guest, but were less than adequate for anyone maintaining a regular fitness routine. Frustrated by this and previous experiences, the concept for HotelGymReview.com evolved.

“Our goal is to make the travel experience better for individuals who want to maintain their fitness routine and healthy lifestyle while on the road,” says Co-founder, Ross Brown. “Even the seemingly best hotels offer poor services for fit and health conscious travelers. HotelGymReview.com will help fit individuals avoid these travel pitfalls.”

Individuals interested in the website’s service can register to be notified of its launch this fall at www.HotelGymReview.com, plus follow its development team on Twitter @HotelGymReview.

The development team includes Robert Flyman, James Copeland, Mark Klassen, Matthias Morel and Ross Brown. Travel Tales Media (TTM) is developing HotelGymReview.com.

About Travel Tales Media (TTM)

Travel Tales Media (TTM) is a Web 2.0 startup, driven by five young entrepreneurs. Based on the successful crowd-sourcing model, TTM is dedicated to developing long tail user generated review websites to better serve unfulfilled needs of travelers. The first of these websites is HotelGymReview.com, featuring travelers’ critiques of fitness facilities and healthy lifestyle amenities at the hotels they stay at.

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