Discover the Beauty, Diversity, Intrigue That is Kenya with the Newly Launched 'Discover' Section Within Journey Kenya

London, United Kingdom, September 08, 2009 --( Today Journey Kenya launches a new section on its website - Discover. Kenya has long been and continues to be a traveler's and adventurer's dream destination. However so much more than Kenya animals and Kenya beaches is on offer. Kenya continues to be an intriguing destination that's little known. Her success as the origin exhilarating safaris has made other experiences and activities obscure to most. Kenya people, Kenya culture. Journey Kenya invites you to discover her different faces.

Journey Kenya has set out to contribute towards remedying this. The Discover section covers city life, geo-locations, activities, restaurants, lounges, bars, cuisine, experiences, off the beaten track destinations and all using google maps so you can easily find them. Kenya awaits you to discover and write about your adventures. The Discover section offers travelers the opportunity to share your Kenya photos, Kenya stories, Kenya videos and most importantly, your memories made whilst in Kenya. The site is exciting and keeps those that love Kenya sharing their passion years after their first trip and hopefully adventures from their repeat travels to Kenya.

So wondering about how many lakes there are in the Kenyan section of the Great Rift Valley or where you can enjoy white water rafting, kite surfing, bird watching... How many Mountains there are in Kenya. The new swanky lounges or the trendy restaurants all waiting for you to explore. Nairobi often gets terrible wrap. It does deserve some of it, just like New York or any other large city would have.. But Nairobi is an exiting, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Her people enjoy the brighter side of life, story telling is alive and well in this city. The laughter rises above the crowd with different everyday occurrences being narrated in the most engaging manner possible. Kenya's people are enterprising. Finding ways in which to create a living and providing value to their customers. You will see roadside industry flourishing with the most beautifully crafted interior design and fashion items.

So Kenya still is the King and Queen of the Safari. The sustainability challenges are very real though. Dialogue and creative ideas are needed to ensure the communities that have preserved the country's wildlife treasure are winners and benefit from the country's treasure. The shortage of rains is a challenge too and sustainable mitigation and adaptation practices will need to be embraced. All these challenges put into perspective, Kenya still has an amazing array of the Big 5, more than 1,400 bird species and more. Never a dull safari here.

Discover the wonder, beauty and diversity that is Kenya... Journey Kenya wants to capture adventurers stories and experiences. The different faces of Kenya are waiting to be discovered. Karibuni Kenya.

Journey Kenya
Gateri Kinuthia