Free Social Media Audio Program Aims to Help 50% of Americans to Catch Up and Take Action

Half of all Americans are now on social networks, according to an April 2009 Harris Interactive poll, and the expansion rates of these social media platforms continue to astonish even the most skeptical experts, pundits, and observers. Businesses and organizations now have the capacity for unprecedented reach, and this audio program shows them where to begin.

Laconia, NH, September 24, 2009 --( With about half of all Americans on social networks, the glass is either half-empty or half-full. 50% the country has embraced these new tools, using them in their work and lives with increasing confidence and skill.

And the other 50%? They include entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and key players in mission-driven organizations, who haven't been ready to adopt these platforms into their marketing activities. Some don't see the value. Others can't see when they'd fit it in to their routine. And still others don't know how to use them in a way that serves their message, mission, and vision.

To help success-minded professionals in that "other" 50%, social marketing firm Epiphanies, Inc. is offering a free audio program, “The 6-Step Social Media Kick Start: How to Get More Leads, Clients, and Results (and Have a BLAST Doing It).” It's an hour-long digital recording (MP3), available for immediate download at

“We created this audio to help make it easy for professionals to move forward in the social media realm with confidence, without the headaches and hassles," says Lani Voivod, co-owner and Content Lover at Epiphanies, Inc. "Instead of plowing through with jargon and technical advice, we share which four social media platforms are most critical for businesses and organizations to stay relevant and competitive in this global market, and why.”

Lani, along with her business partner Allen Voivod, reveal the #1 Rule, #1 Truth, and #1 Success Strategy for using social media. They also share their own shortcuts for saving hours a day while remaining active on multiple social media sites, and how the six steps became the model for their six-week Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp, which they're running for the second time beginning October 5th, 2009.

“The previous Boot Camp attendees included both entrepreneurs at the start-up stage and experienced business owners, plus representatives of non-profit organizations and academic institutions,” notes Allen Voivod. "We're thrilled to have designed a program that's proven useful across so many different situations, and look forward to seeing another diverse group of professionals in the Boot Camp starting next month."

The married business owners have been featured speakers, presenters, and panelists throughout their home state of New Hampshire in 2009, at such events as the New England Professional Development Conference, Small Business Day at the State House, and the Governor's Conference on Volunteerism. In June, they were sponsored by Public Service of New Hampshire, the NH Division of Economic Development, and the "Stay, Work, Play" Initiative to design and deliver the "A-Ha!" Social Media Business Summit for 100 attendees. They even had the distinction of being the first experts to serve for two months in a row in the "Ask the Expert" spotlight for the Union Leader, the state's largest newspaper, and the Amoskeag Business Incubator, this past July and August.

"Our goal is to help as many determined folks as possible get out of social media overwhelm," says Lani. "Whether they get their feet wet with our 60-minute audio program, or take the plunge in our six-week Boot Camp, we aim to make it as easy, painless, and fun as we can."

Business owners, marketing professionals, and key players at mission-driven organizations can learn more about the Boot Camp, including the webinar-style learning modules, micro-guides, checklists, and templates they'll receive in the six-week Program, at the same link where they can download the audio program for free:

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Lani & Allen Voivod, the Content Lovers of Epiphanies, Inc., help entrepreneurs, global brands, and mission-driven organizations learn and use social marketing and success strategies to boost visibility, community, competitive edge, and profits through workshops, speaking, and consulting. Get their free 6-Step Social Media Kick Start audio program, designed to help savvy professionals get a convenient, no-nonsense overview of how to put social media tools and platforms to work for their own goals, vision, and careers, at

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