Top Sports Advisor Matt Rivers Joins as Executive Sports Handicapper

The most successful of sports advisors on a network of handicapping sites has come to “The Show” at Rivers is widely accepted as the best college football handicapper in the world.

Alpharetta, GA, February 25, 2011 --( The top sports handicappers site has made an announcement that will rock the sports betting world: Matt Rivers, the winningest handicapper on a large network of websites, has made the leap to the best handicapping site in American sports CEO Joe Duffy is ecstatic, releasing a statement:

From the started a vow was made that the business model would always have one Golden Rule: compile the best handicappers and the superior product would market itself.

Matt Rivers is somebody who has been sought out for a long time by many, as he is on the very short list of professional handicappers who win long-term. “Matt Rivers” is a name virtually every professional bettor recognizes, respects, and bets his plays.

For those who have not heard of Rivers, here is his impressive resume:

Matt Rivers has been working as a Handicapper as long as some people have been alive. He was the top rated handicapper for years at a previous outlet and left for a new challenge once again proving he is the best in the business, bar none.

Matt received a Bachelor of Arts from a top 20 college, Emory University in Atlanta, and has worked at two major television networks covering both pro and college sports. A thorough knowledge of the sports world combined with personal gambling experience along with years of professional handicapping has helped mold Mr. Rivers into the rock solid consistent winner that he is today.

“I know it’s impossible to win 75% of the time like some handicappers say they do. That’s just not possible. Bottom line, there are a ton of liars in this industry and I have literally seen this first hand from rivals as well as former colleagues,” Matt says. “There are so many shysters out there looking to just make a quick buck that it gives the handicapping industry a bad name,”
 asserts Rivers.

“I want to assure each and every one of you reading this page that I don’t put my name on a play without playing it myself. That is a cold hard fact. I get down in the trenches with my clients,” his statement concludes Matt’s goal is to isolate the few plays a week that have either been overlooked by the oddsmakers, have “wrong” lines because the price was set to create “even money,” or have “bad numbers” because the public is betting the game in the wrong direction. “Sometimes a team that is getting three points is actually the better team and should be laying the three,” Matt says. “That is what value is all about. I love to tell remind potential clients of when Oklahoma and Florida State played for the national championship a few years ago. Oklahoma was the better team, flat out. But all of the hype was on the sexy team, Florida State, and gamblers seemed to forget about the ridiculously strong Sooner D.

“Remember, once again, when the oddsmaker makes the line all he wants is even action on both sides; he doesn’t really care if he is off by 50 points. As long as he accomplishes his mission then it’s all good.
“Because the public loved the swagger and hype the Noles brought to the table, the books knew this and jacked them up to a touchdown favorite. But Oklahoma was the better team, so what does that tell you? You just received a present, a free 7 to 10 points. Also realize that more times than not those huge games are not even the ones with value as Joe Q. Oddsmaker knows more about them than they do in contests featuring such powerhouses as Middle Tennessee State and Utah State,” Rivers says modestly. 

“Personally, I buried three separate books with that Championship game,” Matt adds.

“One has to realize that the oddsmakers are definitely very good at their job but they are human and do make numerous mistakes,” according to Rivers.
Matt does not attempt to fool anyone and claim these betting situations happen everyday. But they do occur every week, especially with a slate of 70 college and pro football games, or 90 college basketball games. And finding those games is how Matt, and his clients, always make money.

Joe Duffy