The Swinden Group Advises Clients That Parma Has Intensified and Will Most Likely Strike Luzon, Philippines

A dangerous Category 4 storm. Typhoon Parma will most likely bring torrential rains and hurricane force winds to Luzon, Philippines and may cause widespread damage.

Evergreen, CO, October 03, 2009 --( The Swinden Group, through their Severe Weather Advisories, is advising interests and travelers in Luzon, Philippines to be prepared for effects of potentially disastrous Typhoon Parma and if possible to leave the region.

As of 1500 GMT October 1, 2009, Typhoon Parma, with sustained winds of 140 mph, is located about 455 nautical miles east of Manila, Philippines and explode in intensity over the last 24 hours. Parma is presently a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale of 1 to 5 and is expected to remain a category 4 storm until it makes landfall around northeastern Luzon, Philippines on Saturday.

Over the next several days, Typhoon Parma will track towards the northeastern coast of Luzon, while maintaining or even slightly intensifying. Currently, the projected landfall will be in the in Aurora-Isabela area of northeastern Luzon on Saturday.

“I am afraid that this typhoon will deal a devastating blow to Luzon,” explains Matthew Swinden, President of the Swinden Group. “If Parma continues on its forecasted track, it will strike the northeastern coast of Luzon, Philippines possibly late Friday and Saturday. Even with a near miss, expect torrential rains and coastal flooding due to storm surge. We have been urging our clients who are in the region that it might be prudent to leave Luzon. Those that are remaining to ride out the storm should be prepared to be self sufficient, and fend for themselves for at least 72 hours if not longer.”

After Parma makes landfall, it is expected to slow and could remain over or just north of Luzon in the Luzon Straight drenching Luzon with torrential rains causing life-threatening flooding and mudslides.

“The computer models are all not in agreement with what Parma will do after 48 hours,” says Swinden. “But the official forecast from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center has the storm almost stalling and then tracking to west on Tuesday. We are urging our clients to monitor the progress of Parma and to be ready to evacuate the area or to alter their travel plans if necessary.”

Storm Warnings Are Issued in the Philippines

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has issued storm warnings for Luzon and Visayas regions in preparation for the arrival of Parma. People living near the mountains and in low-lying areas should be prepared for flooding and mudslides.

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