Transfer Smart, Inc to Help Timeshare Owners Discover Way to Get Out of Their Timeshares

Transfer Smart launches its website and offers a proven and hassle-free method of helping timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare. Founded by Linda and J.C. Skidmore, the company is backed by decades of timeshare industry experience and a commitment to customer service.

Incline Village, NV, October 10, 2009 --( Transfer Smart (, founded by Linda Skidmore, was created to help serve the needs of all timeshare owners who want out from under their timeshare contracts. With so many timeshares on the market, owners have few, if any viable solutions if they want to get rid of their timeshares. Yet, Linda was able to help her Mom who was a timeshare owner. Now, Linda and Transfer Smart are ready to assist any timeshare owner who needs help.

Linda's Mom and Dad, Jean and Raymond Duley bought two timeshares with the intention of leaving one to each of their daughters, Linda and Patty. After Raymond passed away, Jean could not use the timeshares any longer because she did not want to go without him. Her maintenance fees continued to rise, yet she continued to pay for them year after year. Their troubles were compounded when Linda tried to sell her Mom’s timeshares twice, once through a local listing service and later with a big name real estate company. Despite paying a hefty advertising fee both times, she received no offers.

After eight years of failing to dispose of her Mom’s timeshares, Linda took her Mom to a meeting hosted by Timeshare Relief, Inc. in Valparaiso, Indiana which was close to their hometown. There, she learned why the approach that she had been taking would not work, and did not work for many others. Furthermore, she discovered a hassle-free way to be rid of unwanted timeshare contracts along with the mandatory maintenance fee payments forever.

She and her husband, J.C., began helping others out of their timeshare contracts which led to the development of Transfer Smart under an exclusive licensing agreement with "The Undisputed Leader" in the industry, Timeshare Relief.

"It is so immensely gratifying to help people with Transfer Smart," said Linda, "I knew that I could help people because I understood the challenges people go through with their timeshares."

Collectively, both companies have now helped over 30,000 former timeshare owners transfer over 40,000 contracts, thereby saving these families a total of about $25 million every year.

Transfer Smart, Inc.
David Espinoza