Cosmopolitan Meets Old World: The Istanbul Collection by Jonäno

Jonäno unleashes the concept of 'organic essentialism' on the runway at Portland Fashion Week 2009.

New York, NY, October 20, 2009 --( The looks Jonäno sent down the runway at this year’s Portland Fashion Week will be part of their Istanbul Collection for Spring Summer 2010, inspired designer Bonnie Siefers travels there this past year. Visits to the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Spice Market are reflected in the colors, both Urban and Old World and the melding of traditional with modern in this vibrant cosmopolitan city by the sea. The color palette is urban meets nature: Cement Grays, Iron Mauves, Sulfur Citron Yellows, Salty Mediterranean Blues and Rusty Saffron Oranges. Bonnie explained that the concept of 'organic essentialism' underpins the collection; an advocate of slow fashion, Jonäno once again shows that style and quality are essential to sustainable design.

In this collection, Jonäno once again reflects the crucial need of co-existing between nature and the urban landscape. This eco design powerhouse also incorporated several new eco textiles into their collection, including Peace Silk, Energy Satin, Bamboo Linen and a new watercolor dye technique. Their trademark Scandinavian modern styling is highlighted the design choices based on clean lines, tonal colors, and classic silhouettes.

"Streamlined design has always inspired me and lain at the heart of my creativity," says Bonnie, Jonäno owner/designer, "…this collection reflects a mélange of Urban Eco Chic with Scandinavian streamlined styling that is the Jonäno signature and represents the concept of 'organic essentialism'." – bonnie

If Jonäno’s concept of organic essentialism catches fire, perhaps we're right around the corner from eliminating the disposable “trendcentric” clothing that hit its crest during the worst of the recession and get back to creating sustainable, long lasting fashion.

The Istanbul Collection by Jonäno premiered on Sunday, October 11th at 8pm at the Vigor Industrial Shipyard in Portland and Fashion Wire Press was the show photography house. For full preview of Jonäno's Istanbul Collection on the runway visit Fashion Wire Press and Portland Fashion Week.

Bonnie Siefers