Christmas Book is the First Offering from Straight Jacket Media, Where the Quirky, Weird, and Unusual Will be the Norm

Straight Jacket Media looks to release books, DVD's, and docu-dramas that showcase the creators and entertainment that might otherwise go without a venue.

Tampa, FL, November 11, 2009 --( "Christmas Three" is the first book offered by Straight Jacket Media. The book features three unusual--one of which takes on the area of spousal abuse--Holiday short stories. Future releases will concentrate on areas that other publishers will not venture.

Next up is a documentary that puts a face and a story on the homeless that abound in these times. Where do they come from, and how did they wind up there?

The company will strive to showcase what others shy from. The first book can be purchased on line. Straight Jacket Media will correspondence from interested parties.

Straight Jacket Media
Lee Staggs