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Many consumers seek out auto insurance companies based on the cheapest price. Checking into a company’s financial stability is something that should not be overlooked and paying a little extra may be worthwhile.

Portland, OR, November 16, 2009 --( is recommending that motorists acquire coverage from reputable insurers even if it may cost a little extra in premiums. Many shop for policies based on price which is important, but may not be worth the savings if the provider is not financially sound. When one is shopping for a policy to protect themselves in the event of an accident, it is also important that they consider a top rated company with financial strength and a proven reputation.

The top rated auto insurance companies have been tried and tested. They are financially stable and have the funds available to pay claim in which they are obligated to do so. Providers who are not as stable may not have the funds on hand to pay out a claim promptly or may become insolvent. Having a policy with a financially unstable provider can make it very difficult to get compensation for injuries or damage caused by an accident because they may become bankrupt.

States such as Oregon have what is known as the Insurance Guaranty Association. This pays for claims due to policyholders if their company does go bankrupt, but it may lead to a long process to obtain compensation following a traffic accident if a company does become insolvent.


Fortunately for drivers, the Internet provides a means of not only comparing the rates charged by different providers, but for comparing the providers themselves. One can have instant access to financial standings to help determine whether or not a company is in a financially sound enough position to provide the proper compensation should it be needed.

Comparison websites such as allow consumers to request quotes from several top rated companies and view them side by side. Consumers can also see the ratings of some of the insurers and what they stand for to help determine if the rate being offered is from a company that they feel comfortable doing business with.

For additional details on the importance of being protected with top rated auto insurance companies, one can visit for more information on ratings and view some of the providers with the best rating.

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