Online Auto Insurance: Florida at Bottom of Regulator Report Card

Think tank downgrades state for what it says is politicization, stringent control of insurance rates - June 29, 2012

Online Auto Insurance: Prevention Key to Thwarting Calif. Car Thefts

California metro areas are still hotspots for the crime that has declined nationwide - June 21, 2012

OAI: Electronic Auto Insurance Proof Takes Hold as Louisiana Enacts Law

Lawmakers say expanded means of proving coverage justifies harsher enforcement against uninsured - June 19, 2012

OAI: Michigan Senate Vote Spotlights Mini-tort Auto Insurance Law

Cap on mini-tort damages doubled from $500 to $1,000; bill goes into effect Oct. 1. - May 24, 2012

OAI: Corvette Theft Report Highlights Comprehensive Insurance Value

More Corvettes stolen in California; NICB suggests layered approach to prevent theft. - May 16, 2012

OAI: Report Highlights Politics' Role in Changing Auto Insurance Industry

New strategies, more political relationships needed as technology changes the marketplace, report says. - May 10, 2012

OAI: Fiery Car Insurance Reform Debate Ends with Governor’s Approval

New Florida law will tighten restrictions on policyholders', providers' payouts for personal injury protection. - May 07, 2012

OAI: Driving Costs Study Shows Need to Cut Car Insurance Expenses

A recent AAA study shows coverage prices are up this year after falling in the last study. - May 02, 2012

Online Auto Insurance: Penn. Fund Recoveries Stress Regulators’ Role

Regulators got $3.4 million from complaints filed in the first quarter of 2012 - April 30, 2012

OAI: Hybrid Owners Can Offset Car Insurance Prices with Discounts

A California premium analysis shows higher average prices for hybrid owners, but discounts are also available to them. - April 21, 2012

OAI: Importance of Car Insurance Proof Underscored by New Tenn. Law

Governor gives thumbs-up to police to arrest drivers in serious accidents lacking proof of coverage and a driver's license - April 19, 2012

OAIN: Maryland Debate Shows Contention Around Forced Insurance Bundling

Industry experts and Maryland state officials jockeyed over the necessity of legislation to bar forced bundling. - April 02, 2012

OAI: NY Bills Aim to Help Eliminate Car Insurance Scams

A trio of bills stiffen penalties for car insurance scams and make it harder for criminals to execute such schemes. - March 26, 2012

OAI: Survey Results Show Need for Auto Insurance Customers to Shop Around

Results of a survey from business-consulting firm Deloitte show that the majority of survey respondents do not shop around to compare insurance prices as often as they should, according to The report on the survey results, released on Tuesday, show that only 43 percent of... - March 14, 2012

Online Auto Insurance Cautions Consumers Against Committing Rate Evasion

A new FAQ from the writers at explains the repercussions of lying to your insurer about where you keep your car—a practice called “rate evasion”—and why insurers take the matter so seriously. When you compare car insurance costs between places like... - February 20, 2012

OAI: Rhode Island Bills Underscore Auto Insurance Ratings Issues

Two bills introduced to the Rhode Island Legislature this year would together stop insurers from considering a trio of controversial factors that car insurers routinely use to price policies, according to Online Auto Insurance. The three factors are credit history, education level and homeowner... - February 13, 2012

OAIN: Fla. Senate's Auto Insurance Reform Bill Less Drastic than House's

A Florida Senate committee gave the initial go-ahead last week to a bill that aims to reform the state’s no-fault system by making changes that include requiring medical facilities to be licensed before getting reimbursed and eliminating coverage for certain treatments, Online Auto Insurance... - February 07, 2012

OAI: State Insurance Regulators Improving Online Accessibility

Recent actions taken by Montana and Nevada regulators to expand online services for consumers highlights the ways in which state insurance regulators are improving their accessibility by opening up online channels of communication with consumers, according to Online Auto Insurance (OAI). Industry... - January 16, 2012

Online Auto Insurance: Launch of New Deer Research Highlights Value of Comprehensive Coverage

The recent news that West Virginia officials plan to study ways to prevent run-ins between deer and vehicles on the state’s roadways underscores the severity of the problem—and how important it is for motorists where such problems exist to be insured against these events, according to... - January 11, 2012

OAI: Insurance Roundtable Highlights Growth in Online Policy Sales

Online Auto Insurance reports that recent discussions among members of the California auto insurance industry about the need for agents to change tactics in order to accommodate the increasing number of consumers buying their vehicle coverage online highlights the many options motorists have for... - January 09, 2012

Online Auto Insurance: Consumer Alert Highlights Boundaries of Personal Policies

A recent warning from Rhode Island regulators about some of the often-overlooked insurance implications of winter weather highlights the importance of policyholders’ knowing that there are some situations in which their personal car policies may not apply, according to Online Auto Insurance... - January 02, 2012

Online Auto Insurance: Mercury Rate Change Request Highlights Regulators’ Role

The recent news that auto insurer Mercury has asked the California Department of Insurance for permission to raise its premiums by an average of 6 percent statewide underscores the important role that state regulators play in overseeing insurers and protecting the public, according to Online Auto... - December 28, 2011

OAI: New Regulations Could Have Auto Insurance Price Implications

Online Auto Insurance reports that new changes to California vehicle coverage regulations could make the difference in whether drivers who have been involved in a vehicle crash are eligible for good-driver discounts. The updated rules, which were announced last week by state regulators, could be... - December 26, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: Don't Risk Drinking and Driving This Holiday Season

If federal, state and local authorities’ urging motorists to sidestep safety risks and legal troubles by not drinking and driving over the holidays isn’t enough, Online Auto Insurance (OAI) is advising motorists that getting behind the wheel while under the influence can also have... - December 23, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: Hurricane Season is Ending, But Are You Prepared for Next Year's?

With federal safety officials announcing that hurricane season ends this month, Online Auto Insurance (OAI) advises consumers to use the time to ensure that they’ve protected their financial assets before next season begins. That means going over your vehicle policy and maybe even getting... - November 29, 2011

OAI: Nevada Auto Insurance Regulators Provide New Online Tool

A recently announced move by Nevada regulators to make policy forms from the state’s top auto insurers available online provides consumers with a valuable opportunity to check out the fine points of policies before they sign, according to Online Auto Insurance (OAI). Trying to decipher... - November 14, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: "Premium Leakage" Report Emphasizes Need to Get Policy Details Correct

A new report from Quality Planning that says incorrect information about their customers cost automobile insurers more than $15 billion last year highlights the importance of getting policy details right when buying coverage, according to Online Auto Insurance (OAI). Private vehicle insurers made... - November 07, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: New Research Quantifies Texting’s Effects on Reaction Time

New research from the Texas Transportation Institute that shows texting behind the wheel doubles the time it takes drivers to react -increasing their odds of crashing - is giving the public a new understanding of just how much of a negative effect mobile phones can have on driver safety, according... - October 17, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: Report Shows Millions Admitted to Driving Drunk in 2010

A new study showing that 4 million Americans admitted to driving drunk last year should serve as a wake-up call for scofflaws, according to Online Auto Insurance (OAI), because even those drunken drivers who don’t wind up hurting themselves or others can face serious consequences. In the... - October 10, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: Upcoming "Rut" Should Have Michiganders Checking Their Policies

A warning issued this week about the dangers deer pose on Michigan roads should also serve as a reminder to motorists nationwide about the importance of protecting themselves financially against damages caused by animals, weather and other forces of nature, according to Online Auto Insurance... - October 03, 2011

OAIN: National Transportation Safety Board Recommends Cellphone Ban for Truck Drivers

Safety advocates and the car insurance industry, along with many others, have been pushing for such measures to help cut down on the rate of accidents involving distracted driving. - September 20, 2011

OAI: Storms Highlight the Need to Know What Your Auto Insurance Policy Covers

Even as residents of the storm-ravaged East Coast and other regions struggle to return to normal, experts say more severe weather may be heading their way. The impact of tropical storms Irene and Lee - and the threat of more storms that could strike soon - underscore how important it is for... - September 13, 2011

Online Auto Insurance Explains Different Systems for Determining Fault

It’s likely most drivers assume that if they are on the road and get hit by another car, they’re entitled to compensation for all of the damages they incur as a result of the accident. But the reality is much more complicated than that, according to a new FAQ by the writers at... - August 25, 2011

OAI: Wash. Auto Insurance Case Highlights "Phantom Car" Issue

A Washington state couple has lost its breach of contract lawsuit against Farmers Insurance in a case that hinged on the alleged existence of a so-called “phantom car” the couple claimed had forced them off the road. Underinsured motorist (UIM) policies often cover motorists for... - August 19, 2011

OAI: Credit Downgrade Highlights Role of Auto Insurance Regulators

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says the credit downgrade of the United States and a handful of large coverage providers should not affect insurers' ability to pay out on claims. Regulators around the country routinely monitor companies' financial situation to gauge their ability to pay all money owed to claimants. - August 15, 2011

Online Auto Insurance: NICB Report Underscores Value of Anti-Theft Protections

Certain anti-theft devices not only will deter thieves but also can result in a price-break on premiums. - August 04, 2011 Discusses Reasons to Increase Coverage Levels

It may be tempting to save a few bucks on car insurance premiums by purchasing only the minimum liability coverage required by your state, but the writers at point out that future costs could far outweigh short-term savings. A recent FAQ posted to the site makes clear why... - July 27, 2011

OAIN: Agent Association Disappointed by Free Auto Insurance Deal

A representative from the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents told Online Auto Insurance News that a new promotion from GM and MetLife is undercutting agents’ role in the coverage-buying process. - July 19, 2011 Discusses the Basics of Territorial Rating

A new FAQ published on explains an important but sometimes misunderstood factor in determining how much consumers pay for car insurance: Their ZIP code. In setting the price of a policy, insurers look at a broad range of data that can indicate risk levels, including whether... - July 14, 2011

OAIN: New Oregon Auto-Sharing Law Has Insurance Implications

Oregonians can soon get paid to loan out their private cars through sharing services—and those who don’t own can rent by the hour—thanks to a new law that lets people keep their insurance coverage even when they share their vehicles for a fee when they’re not driving,... - July 11, 2011

Online Auto Insurance Discusses Maximum Claims Payouts

A 2010 survey from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners indicated that only about 1-in-7 respondents could correctly interpret the notation used for the limits of a basic liability policy, and chances are that many drivers simply buy basic insurance to satisfy state law and may not... - July 05, 2011

Online Auto Insurance Advises Consumers on Protecting Against Theft

In a new FAQ published on, the writers discuss how to get financial protection for an event that no motorist wants to see happen: the theft of an automobile. Despite the penalties against motor vehicle theft in the United States, cars were stolen more than 700,000 times in... - June 27, 2011

OAI: Affordable Auto Insurance Still Available Despite Rising Costs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) most recent data on price trends in America, the price of insuring motor vehicles rose one-fifth of 1 percent between April and May. While that may seem like a minimal increase, the BLS reports that the cost of auto insurance in May 2011 was... - June 20, 2011

Basics of Liability Coverage Explained by Online Auto Insurance

A new FAQ published by the writers at outlines the fundamentals of liability car insurance, a type of coverage that practically all drivers in the country are required to carry. But despite the fact that most motorists must have this type of financial protection to cover any... - June 15, 2011 Publishes FAQ on Evaluating Insurers

In one of their latest FAQs, the writers at explain that, although many may think that shopping for car insurance coverage is a two-step process - finding the cheapest policy and then buying it - it’s important to do some research about the coverage provider before... - June 06, 2011

New Online Auto Insurance FAQ Touches on 'Steering' Issue

A new FAQ recently published on discusses what happens in the event that an insurer disagrees with the repair estimate produced by a shop chosen by the policyholder. At one point in the article, the writers highlight “steering,” an important issue related to auto... - May 25, 2011

Online Auto Insurance Outlines Dangers of Driving Uninsured

Car insurance is an expensive product, and some of the most conservative drivers might use the protection it provides only a few times in their driving careers. So then why spend what could add up to tens of thousands of dollars in premiums over the course of a lifetime? In a new FAQ, the writers... - May 13, 2011

Online Auto Insurance Offers Important Advice for Delivery Drivers

In a new FAQ published by, the writers point out an important issue for people who use their own cars to deliver goods for work: most personal auto insurance policies will not provide coverage for damages for accidents that happened while the car was being used for business... - May 09, 2011

Online Auto Insurance Discusses How Vehicle Type Affects Coverage Costs

In a new FAQ published on, the writers discuss which type of autos will cost the most to insure. - May 02, 2011

OAI: Teenage DUIs Amount to Thousands of Dollars in Extra Auto Insurance Premiums

A rate analysis by shows that getting a DUI could end up costing a teenage Californian, on average, between $3,600 and $5,620 in extra car insurance premiums. - April 22, 2011

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