Business Legend Dan Pena Embraces Social Media

Legendary business guru Dan Pena is now using Twitter and Facebook for communication.

Scotland, United Kingdom, November 18, 2009 --( Dan Pena, entrepreneur, mentor, author, and speaker extraordinaire, has joined the millions in the facebook and twitter community. He recognizes social media networks as a new way of communicating directly with colleagues, new business contacts, and followers.

Pena gives provides important information to his visitors about real world business strategies that are proven to work. He has always used unconventional methods which sets him apart. The internet is not just about technology but about people. Word-of-mouth has always been important in business and Social media has made it highly efficient. We are now hearing Twitter and Facebook mentioned regularly in the new York times, on CNN, and in our own offices. The internet has made public relations even more public after decades of Madison Avenue style advertising. “These new Social Networks have become the newest communication medium.

Once again, we’ve seen communication disruption on a massive scale. Companies wanting to stay alive in this new digital era will need to get firm footing in the social space to maintain their competitive edge.” Mr. Pena has believed for a long time that communications and Health care have the biggest opportunities.

Dan Pena is known as the “400 million dollar man” who built his empire in less than 8 years from zero, in a collapsing market. He holds exclusive business seminars in his estate in Guthrie castle for high performance people. His book “Your first 100 million” highlights revolutionary methods on how to attain mega wealth from the ground up. He has also started providing his classic QLA training materials as instant downloads at

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