Liquid Mirror Publishes a New Book Called How to Get a Job in 30 Days by Michael Skinner

Dallas, TX, November 28, 2009 --( Author Michael Skinner has penned an 84 page how-to book that can get job seekers hired in the next 30 days. The book tells the reader where and how to look for jobs. Those looking for work will learn the skills they need to do well on an interview and to land a job.

How to get a job in 30 benefits job seekers and everyone in his community by showing how the community and individuals can work together to see that everyone acquires essential job skills. The goal of the book is to see that everyone who wants a job gets one. Coping and self improvement skills that will be beneficial to parents, students and individuals looking for employment are also discussed.

In addition to penning two books of poems, Michael Skinner has created an extensive collection of abstract digital art called Digital Dreams. The digital works are based on mathematical equations and principles such as conic sections, polar coordinates and the Cartesian coordinate plane.

Liquid Mirror
Michael Skinner