Insights with Host Hugh Downs Speaks with Donald Graham

Donald Graham was interviewed as part of a program for honoring DC CAP and will appear as Part of the Public Television Series.

Boca Raton, FL, December 03, 2009 --( Insights field producers spoke with Donald Graham speaking about issues surrounding the education of children and the importance of a college education as part of a series of short-form segments for Public Television.

Programs are emerging all over the United States due to the increasing awareness and importance of a college education. Donald Graham, CEO of the Washington Post, said, “A group of business people in Washington DC started DC CAP in the belief that college gave children in rough neighborhoods in DC the best chance to change their life. Forty years ago, I was a police officer in northeast Washington for a year and a half; I had a scout car and patrolled neighborhoods where these two high schools, eastern and Spingarn, and day after day and night after night you saw the grinding hardship of kids born into poverty. It’s so far beyond gratifying, it’s you know, this is a life changing program and it’s the kids who do the life changing part.”

The executive producer stated, “Raising awareness is what these programs need. Raising awareness is also what the Insights program is about. We look to have influential figures speaking about important topics in order to raise the level of education the country has on a given topic. In this case, the story could not be more important. Our children are the citizens of tomorrow.”

Insights is featuring a number of humanitarian stories that will be educating on the work our school systems and programs that arises in lieu of them accomplishes to support our children across the country.

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