West Coast Aerial Photography Photographs Construction Progress of Solar Plant in City of Mendota

West Coast Aerial Photography photographing solar power plant construction in Mendota, California, one of most advanced photovoltaic solar facilities in the world.

Los Angeles, CA, December 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- West Coast Aerial Photography, Inc., today announced that it has been photographing the construction of a five-megawatt solar power plant facility in the city of Mendota from groundbreaking to completion. This project is the first utility-scale photovoltaic solar farm approved by California's Renewable Portfolio Standard program commission, which will generate zero-emission electricity that will be sold to Pacific Gas & Electric.

"The progress they've made is incredible," states West Coast Aerial Photography President Mark Holtzman, "it looked like the solar panels grew right out of the ground." Mr. Holtzman has been photographing the site on a weekly-basis, providing both aerial and ground images.

Weekly photography of the project provides visual documentation of the groundbreaking and construction progress, as well as providing many images to choose from for marketing and publicizing the project.

Projects such as the one West Coast Aerial Photography has been photographing in Mendota will help California meet its stringent renewable energy and carbon reduction goals. Such renewable energy projects stimulate green jobs training, creation, and development in the state's economically distressed San Joaquin Valley.

Mendota, located in western Fresno County, has been hard-hit by the current economic crisis and water-shortages in California. But the thousands of acres of farmland and sunny skies make Mendota an ideal location for solar power. "Everybody's talking about going green in California," says Mendota Mayor Robert Silva, "this little town's going to be right at the front of that."

West Coast Aerial Photography
Steven Holtzman