Automated Sales System Provides an Alternative to the Traditional Direct Sales Model for Coastal Vacations Travel Products

The Automated Sales System is the first of its kind in the travel industry, marketing a proven product from a 12 year old company, Coastal Vacations.

New Port Richey, FL, October 14, 2006 --( The Automated Sales System is breaking new ground in the world of vacations and travel as it now markets the Coastal Vacations Suite. The first of its kind in the travel industry, the online system markets proven products from a 12 year old company, Coastal Vacations. The Automated Sales System provides for all its members, a turn-key system requiring no follow up by home based entrepreneur. Instead, the Automated Sales System improves upon the traditional home based business model. By employing a 'personal marketing assistant', the entrepreneur focuses on advertising, while the personal marketing assistant handles follow-up and sales.

According to, with the Automated Sales System, the new business owners focus on marketing with the methods that are provided in the 'back office'. These methods for creating web traffic include using articles, newspaper ads, ezine ads, postcards, pay-per-click advertising and other methods. The websites are designed to attract potential buyers with engaging text, graphics, video, and audio. When someone is interested in learning more, they fill out a form and the personal marketing assistant is notified of their interest. The personal assistant makes the follow-up call to answer their questions. When a sale is made, the business owner who owns the website is paid directly. Thus, the direct sales model is accessible to the home business entrepreneur.

Most people who start a home based business will quit within 90 days. The traditional business model requires the new business owner to call sales leads, follow-up, and close the sales themselves. Without the experience and skill set needed to accomplish their goals, business owners will often quit without recouping their initial investment. To avoid the pitfalls inherent in the traditional model, the Automated Sales System allows the home based entrepreneur to achieve success.

A new marketing push is now underway to attract new Automated Sales System buyers. There are many audio and written testimonials on the new site that give success stories resulting from the Automated Sales System.

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