Animal Disaster Response Training in Auburn on March 6 and 7

Lamorinda DART urges people interested in becoming animal first responders to join them at the Noah's Wish training. This training satisfies most of the requirements for DART membership.

Moraga, CA, January 08, 2010 --( The Lamorinda Disaster Animal Response (DART) is looking for new trainees to assist local emergency services and the communities of Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Canyon and Saint Mary’s in case of an emergency or a disaster.

"DART training promotes a partnership between emergency services, the American Red Cross and animal rescue organizations," said DART coordinator Frans Hoffman. "The goal is to make sure that in a disaster the Whole family receives the support its needs for All of its members to survive. We have all seen the horrors of Katrina where thousands of pets died as a result of lack of preparation and lack of understanding on the part of emergency services of the human-animal bond. People died because they refused to leave their pets behind. Our purpose is to minimize the loss of human and animal life in disasters."

Lamorinda DART has partnered up with Noah’s Wish – a national organization that specializes in sheltering animals during disaster – to deliver this type of support for the whole family. “We encourage anyone interested in animal disaster response to attend the Noah’s Wish training in Auburn, California, on March 6th and March 7th,” Hoffman said. “DART endorses the Noah’s Wish training and our members will attend the Auburn training. We encourage others to do the same.”

The Auburn training will cover, of course, animal sheltering, but will also address issues such as Search and Rescue Techniques, infectious diseases that may occur in emergency animal shelters, safety in a disaster environment, intake procedures, disaster psychology. There will be a separate track for returning volunteers in generators, vehicle safety and blood borne pathogens.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information about the Noah’s Wish training should go to

The Lamorinda DART web site at will provide more information on the activities of the local team of animal disaster first responders.

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