Animal Disaster Response Training in Auburn on March 6 and 7

Lamorinda DART urges people interested in becoming animal first responders to join them at the Noah's Wish training. This training satisfies most of the requirements for DART membership. - January 08, 2010

Lamorinda CERT and DART Announce February 2010 Training

Lamorinda CERT and DART announce the dates for their February Basic CERT Training. Participants will become disaster first responders, ready to assist local emergency responders in case of a disaster. CERT graduation is a requirement for participation in the Lamorinda DART training later this year. - December 03, 2009

Lamorinda Cities Prepare for Disasters

On Sunday, October 18th, the Lamorinda Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) Committee and the City of Orinda will host a training drill for Lamorinda CERTs, employees of the Lamorinda cities and the neighborhood group leaders. It will be an opportunity for CERTs. cities, Canyon, Fire Departments, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army to practice their response to a simulated emergency in the tri-city area. - September 05, 2009

Lamorinda Animal First Responders to Receive Volunteer Service Award

Volunteers of the Lamorinda Disaster Animal Response Team are now eligible to receive the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award. - August 01, 2009

Saving Fido and Her Owner

Lamorinda CERT and Lamorinda DART announce that an Advanced CERT/DART Training will be held in Moraga, California, starting September 12. CERT and DART graduates will train to become Red Cross Disaster Workers. The training program is designed to provide CERT and DART graduates with the skills the Red Cross expects Red Cross volunteers to have. - July 30, 2009

Pet Emergency Preparedness Workshops in Moraga, CA, on July 4th

What: Pet Emergency Preparedness workshops. Who: Lamorinda DART (Disaster Animal Response Team). When: July 4th: 9 am, 111 am, 11 pm. Where: Moraga Commons, Moraga, CA, USA. - June 30, 2009

Who Will Save Your Pet in a Disaster?

Residents of the San Ramon Valley Fire Prevention District in Contra Costa County in California will soon be able to say: a team of dedicated first responders, the San Ramon Valley DART Team (Disaster Animal Response Team). - June 29, 2009

Historic Disaster Drill in Walnut Creek

History was made on Saturday May 30th in Walnut Creek, California. For the first time in local history a disaster drill was held that included rescue and sheltering of animals and people. - June 11, 2009

Buena Vista CERT (Walnut Creek) Drill on 5/30 to Include Emergency Animal Shelter

On May 30th, Buena Vista CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will hold a drill at Larkey Park in Walnut Creek. One element of the drill is to set up an emergency animal shelter to assist animal owners in case of an evacuation during a disaster. - May 08, 2009

Lamorinda WildFire Forum on ComCast

The 2009 Lamorinda WildFire Forum was a huge success. Residents of Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda learned a lot about mitigation, preparedness and response. Those who were unable to attend will get a second chance because ComCast will broadcast the forum. - May 02, 2009

Red Cross And AVMA Make First Step Towards Protecting Animals During Disasters

First responders applaud the collaboration between Red Cross and AVMA, look forward to helping AVMA and Red Cross deliver on their promise to protect animals and their owners alike during disasters. - March 30, 2009

Lamorinda DART Urges Wildfire Preparation for Pets (and People...)

In Northern California fire season started in February 2009. Pet owners must prepare themselves and their pets for fire emergencies. Last year Northern California had more than 1,000 wildfires raging at the same time. This year the draught is even worse. It is time to act. We will show you how. - March 28, 2009

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