Struggling Churches Turn to for Fund Raising Help

Website offers unique fund raising tool that delights church goers and helps institutions promote themselves online.

Los Angeles, CA, January 08, 2010 --( During these turbulent economic times, more than ever before, churches of all denominations from across the nation are feeling the financial pinch. ( through their Christ Coordinates project has put together a unique fund-raising tool that Christian organizations are using to assist them in their donation drives.

Studies have shown that congregations are more likely to give more generously when they get a 'thank you' gift in return.'s high-impact and low-cost Christ Coordinates tool has filled that space with a unique never-before-seen idea that attracts Christians organizations of all denominations.

Over an image map of Jesus, there are hundreds of thousands of points with member custom prayers, messages of love, gratitude and bible passages. Each pixel or coordinate retails for $1.99. Christian organizations get them at a deeply discounted price and give them as thank you gifts for donations.

A Christ Coordinate or Prayer Point is a sacred space online appearing over an image of Jesus Christ. Each point carries a custom dedication, image, prayer, and church group affiliation that churches give to their members as a token of their appreciation.

The published coordinates are a permanent statement and proclamation of the owners' faiths, as well as an online tool that increases the visibility of their churches online. promotes Christian values through the image of Jesus Christ. The site's premise takes advantage of "concept grouping" technologies favored by Google.


Own your personal Jesus Christ Internet coordinate -- a sacred place on a beautiful image of Jesus Christ. Leave a testament to your faith and be part of a community of like-minded and wholehearted believers.
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