Philosopher and Poet Ronnie Lee Releases His Newest Guidebook for Better Living, Philosophy: Back to Basics, Published by Outskirts Press

Kowloon, China, January 09, 2010 --( Poet and philosopher Ronnie Lee has just released his seventh book, Philosophy: Back to Basics, published by Outskirts Press. Written in his unique form of narrative free verse poetry so appropriate to simplify the subject matter, Lee’s newest book offers an insightful philosophy to help anyone live a better life. By helping individuals, the author hopes to help society as a whole.

By exploring the underlying dynamic of power in life, Philosophy: Back to Basics provides a philosophical springboard from which the reader can understand the many different elements of life which are often so confusing. In this comprehensive volume Lee grapples with the underlying truth of politics, business, psychology, religion and spirituality.

The topics of his chapters span from the age old and traditional, such as “Parental Honor” and “Women: the Truth of Love,” to the contemporary and problematic, such as “Drugs and Delusion.” In his segment on politics, for instance, he explores “Middle East Structure” and “Middle East Dilemmas” in order to help elucidate for his readers the long historical track of upset and commotion in that part of the world.

Philosophy: Back to Basics is the broadest of guidebooks to life and includes discovering the source of sexual attraction and learning the motivation of each gender, acknowledging the purpose and the place of fear in life, and heightening one’s sense of spirituality. Not only are the philosophical and the abstract addressed, however, but so too are the practical rigors of life: the dynamics of race relations, wise business practices, the paradox of money.

As with Ronnie Lee’s previous works, the message that runs through Philosophy: Back to Basics is that an individual can improve himself by becoming more philosophically aware and by adopting the most encompassing of spiritual outlooks in life, and that by so doing, he improves the society, and therefore the world, as a whole.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-4814-2 Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream SRP: $31.95
Genre: Poetry/General

About the author:

Ronnie Lee is a thirty-eight year old Chinese male who has been writing poetry and philosophy for over nine years. Born in Hong Kong, he emigrated to Portsmouth, England, with his family when he was two. He studied there and in London and now continues to commute back to Hong Kong for his work.

In this, his seventh published book, Ronnie continues to work on his goal of creating a grand, unified and whole theory of philosophy.

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