Based on Pythagoras’s Idea That Reality and Mathematics Are the Same Thing, Presented in William Dean’s Everything b, Published by Outskirts Press

Lake Helen, FL, January 09, 2010 --( everything b, by William Dean and published by leading self-publisher Outskirts Press, provides readers and researchers with a simple but remarkable explanation of reality and leads them to an understanding of general relativity, quantum field theory, and a cat’s wildest hunting dreams.

Based on the philosophical notion of Pythagoras that reality and mathematics are the same thing, everything b provides a carefully worked out exposition and motivation, based on mathematical logic and computer science, of the first and perhaps the true theory of everything, which requires only a grasp of high school math along with a good imagination to understand.

The universe and mathematics both grow and develop of necessity as time proceeds. Mr. Dean’s innovative theory is based on an integral grid, like the pixels in a motion picture, and not on the more esoteric equations and calculus a reader might expect to find in such a work. The exact amount of mass can be calculated in a straightforward way at each discrete point in space and time, so the much touted philosophical concept of randomness may therefore have to fall by the wayside. Just as the reader has always known that she is living a life of destiny and self-realization, so too, Mr. Dean shows, can it be seen that the fundamental particles lay claim to the same.

In everything b Mr. Dean gives reasonable explanations for many of the outstanding puzzles in modern physics. His close comparison with the Feynman approach to quantum field theory reveals radical linearity to be preferable for several philosophical reasons. He also postulates that Einstein’s theory of general relativity is actually based on competing descriptions of the world, an argument an economist would make.

everything b is a strikingly original, contemplative approach to physical and philosophical theory. It is a volume that will provide the reader not only with new notions of reality, but also, as author William Dean writes in one of his many delightfully playful phrases, with “goddesses sublime, human and feline, quotidiennes et divines.”

ISBN: 978-1-4327-4144-0 Format: 6 x 9 paperback SRP: $13.95
Genre: Physics

About the author:

Bill Dean is an opinionated, iconoclastic non-conformist who loves to be criticized, corrected and cleansed. He loves to read and philosophize and, unfortunately, preach. He doesn't want to cause any trouble, but he wishes the whole world would get in line and reform.

He loves to study philosophy, science, religion, physics, economics, mathematics, computers, psychology, and anything else that shines. He'll tell you he believes A, and then not-A will come out of his mouth a few minutes later. In the end you'd better pay attention to behavior more than words. Words can be so easily misconstrued. "Take my hope, please!," to update a poor joke.

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