France Cruises, Inc.
France Cruises, Inc.

Unique Barge Vacation Promotes Gourmet Cuisine and Spiritual Well-Being

A two-week vacation in France emphasizes the joys of gastronomy and the necessity for rest and relaxation.

San Antonio, TX, January 17, 2010 --( France Cruises has partnered with personal chef Tom Herndon to offer travel enthusiasts a two-week culinary and spiritual journey throughout France. As a leader in delivering unique hotel-barge getaways, France Cruises proudly highlights Herndon’s culinary vacation as an uncommon opportunity for travelers to discover French gastronomy and history.

Tom Herndon, a chef with more than 40 years' experience, operates Full Fridge. Full Fridge, a personal chef service, helps busy individuals in the San Francisco area stay well-fed and spiritually well-balanced despite overwhelming schedules. As with Full Fridge, Herndon's culinary vacation will focus on delectable gastronomy and relaxing meditation as a means to reduce stress and enjoy life.

The two-week getaway, offered exclusively through France Cruises, runs April 22 through May 6, 2010 from Carcassonne to Paris, and includes a 6-night cruise upon the Canal du Midi in Southern France; the package costs $6,675 per person.

Throughout the journey, participants will indulge in activities such as wine tastings, gourmet cuisine, village and city tours, and cooking instruction at Le Cordon Bleu. The maximum number of guests allowable for this event is twelve.

Tom Herndon’s experience as a chef and member of a large family support his belief of cuisine and harmony. “Food is my passion,” he says. “Connecting with people is also my passion…Food is all about connection – connection to each other, connection to the earth, and connection with spirit.”

His two-week culinary vacation illustrates this belief. In addition to a low-impact barge cruise, Tom will incorporate meditative practices not only to help passengers relax, but to further awaken their senses to the presence of their vacation experience. Passengers will also have the opportunity to participate in some, all, or none of the outlined activities depending on their tastes.

A portion of the trip’s proceeds will benefit Kiva, a micro-lending organization that helps entrepreneurs start and stay in business.

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