DNA in Finland Selects ENENSYS for Their DVB-T2 Trial

DNA Oy, Finish’s second largest pay television operator, successfully launches DVB-T2 HDTV test broadcasts in Lahti. The project has reached the test transmission phase thanks to ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulator and T2 Gateway.

Rennes, France, January 19, 2010 --(PR.com)-- DNA Oy, who has been awarded for the 2 Finish VHF DVB-T2 licenses in June 2009, has selected ENENSYS to fulfill their first DVB-T2 trial in Lathi. In this project, ENENSYS provides the DVB-T2 key elements:

- the DVB-T2 Gateway, installed at the Head End site, used to adap of the HD content to the DVB-T2 standard, to generate T2-MI packets (auto-setup of the modulator) and delivering the content to the transmitter site over IP.

- the DVB-T2 modulator, associated to the transmitter, receives the generated streams and configuration from the DVB-T2 Gateway and modulate it to a DVB-T2 signal.

Fully in-house developed by ENENSYS, the T2 Gateway and the DVB-T2 modulator have also been validated during the different DVB-T2 lab fest organized by the DVB project office, and are used by many operators for evaluating and deploying the DVB-T2 technology.

In this trial, ENENSYS partner's Mediatrade compiled the necessary consortium of experts and vendors, and fulfilled the whole project reliably.

“We are very pleased to participate and help DNA in this important trial which will provide the necessary experience for the next steps, including the commercial deployment. Taking advantage of our practice in UK Ofcom tests and Arqiva DVB-T2 commercial deployment, we have successfully put in place, in a short time, the DVB-T2 key elements. We strongly believe in DVB-T2 technology and we are supporting DNA to guaranty a successful project,” said
Richard Lhermitte VP Sales and Marketing at ENENSYS.

"In this pilot project, our partner ENENSYS understood our business goals and fulfilled the whole project reliably and on time," said Pekka Viitanen, DNA Project manager.

DNA trial allows terrestrial transmission of Finnish channels in HD format over Lahti using DVBT2 technology.

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