Susan Dezenhall Schwartz Brings the Sing And Sign A Language Series to the Sunset Records Strategic Marketing (SSM) Record Label

New York, NY, March 22, 2010 --( Sunset Strategic Marketing and Sunset Special Markets Division (SSM) continues the Sunset Records global expansion of its recorded music catalog by signing Susan Dezenhall Schwartz to release the first volume of the Sing And Sign A Language CD Set.

Susan Dezenhall Schwartz brings the Sing And Sign A Language Series to the Sunset Records Strategic Marketing (SSM) record label for the worldwide release of what is the first volume of the popular children’s language program as a very special three (3) CD Set.

This 42-song three (3) CD set is performed and produced by the children’s instructional teacher and now a children’s music artist, Susan Dezenhall Schwartz, helps make learning the Latin language extremely entertaining and very easy for kids. Parents can now teach their kids verbs, nouns, pronouns, declensions and in the case of what is the first volume of the popular instructional music series, Spanish History. “This is a no lose situation for the likes of us at Sunset,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, “if anyone ever wants to teach espanol to their children, this colorful CD Set will be made for your family.” Lichterman goes on to say that “you’ll be able to grab these lessons / songs as downloads too, let alone as a specially packaged three (3) CD set.”

The Sing And Sign A Language is Sunset Strategic Marketing (SSM)’s first children’s CD. “The other great thing about this project is that we can work this to many of our ancillary ways to make money for our artists.” “Every song is a new copyright performed, written and produced by Susan (Dezenhall Schwartz) herself,” and therefore “we can work every song out for licenses like we do with all our artists at Sunset” (Don) Lichterman continues to say about the new project at Sunset, “the other thing is that if you take the lesson aspect and/or the fact this project is an instructional CD, these songs are great songs.” The first installment that will be released this spring at SSM/Sunset is a three (3) CD set that includes forty two (42) brand new traditional Latin America and Spain styled children’s songs. The songs have excellent harmonies with the over dubs done by Susan (Dezenhall Schwartz) herself make up the great Latin rhythms and the great songs. The CD includes 42 instructional tracks for sing-along and for educational purpose. Every song has an upbeat mood, in that “It’s A Small World” sort of way. An absolutely colorful educational CD set for children (and for adults too). You can stream and hear every song now at the new web site.

Sunset Strategic Marketing (SSM) is now implementing a children’s division based in New York City and the plan is to do more languages (Hebrew, etc. coming in 2010) in this same exact way to spearhead the new division at the label. This particular CD series is geared for parents that want their children to experience the stimulation of learning many languages through children’s styled music. The concept had been developed a few years ago by Susan Dezenhall Schwartz who has been teaching children for the past few decades and the Sunset Strategic Marketing (SSM) division now plans to embrace the children’s markets with motivating, inspiring and educational Latin and World music. Lichterman says that the plan is to “teach Spanish to kids in an easy and fun way and in ways that is very familiar to many stages of children’s development in their young years,” The street date is set for April 13th and every song will be available as physical CD, downloads and ringtones. SSM will use Universal Republic to distribute the project digitally to the top online retail outlets that sell downloads and ringtones.

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