Announces Breakthrough in Debt Settlement Client Service

New York, NY, January 20, 2010 --(, one of America’s premier debt settlement companies, has reached a breakthrough in providing clients the service they need to get the best results from their debt settlement program. By calling (866) 456-4357, people in need of debt relief assistance will find the help they need.

The president of said “Every debt settlement specialist we employ provides a unique level of support for every client we serve. Clients of receive an average of 140 touches over the course of their account, which is more than double of the industry average. “Touches” is a combination of 140 combined emails, calls, newsletters, etc., helping to keep them informed of their account and our progress in settling their debt.” spent years developing this highly effective debt settlement program which focuses on informing clients of all potential options, the progress of their case and what results to expect. The debt settlement specialists at spend countless hours being trained on the best debt settlement techniques, as well as how best to serve each and every client’s needs. They truly care about the clients.

Much of the value the company brings to clients is based on the service that clients receive. Creating a client service program that requires every debt settlement specialist stay in close personal contact means that people looking to get free from credit card debt have all the information needed to achieve financial freedom. The executive staff at devised an expert debt settlement plan that involves contacting clients to alert them of any updates, news or developments in their case. This means that any breakthrough in negotiations with lenders, new potential debt relief options or other updates will lead to an email, call, newsletter or other “touch.”

“We feel that many people simply hire a debt settlement company without knowing what the progress is,” said the president. “Our goal throughout the debt settlement process is to inform our clients of account progress, news within the personal finance world and so much more.” works to partner with clients, measuring its own success by the success of every client. Past clients have been able to dramatically cut down their unsecured debt by listening to the expert advice of’s debt settlement professionals. That type of trust is built because invests a great deal of time and energy into educating and informing all of its clients.

As a leading debt settlement company, has been able to help clients cut down on their unsecured debt by 50 percent, 60 percent and even 70 percent in some cases. This means that some clients who came in with $10,000 in unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, were able to lower that amount by $5,000 or more. Fighting credit card debt can be difficult, but with a top-notch debt settlement company such as, clients can get the results they need from the process.

About is an industry leader amongst debt settlement companies. Using an unrivaled debt negotiation process, the debt settlement company has helped settle millions of dollars in unsecured debt for clients over the years.’s team of consumer credit industry experts maintains a cooperative line of communication with the creditors to provide the best possible results for every client's debt situation. Creditors are always looking to avoid the ineffective and costly efforts of an outside collection company. The simple fact is that creditors are willing to work with HelpSettle to settle a client's unsecured debt with the understanding that the settled amount will be paid in full within the agreed period of time. provides its clients with an affordable program with one direction in mind, to pave a path to financial freedom within a few years. The company’s proven negotiation process allows clients to get back on their feet financially so they can begin enjoying a stress free life.

Clients looking to learn more can contact the debt settlement company at (866) 456-4357 or by emailing

Joe Marchelewski