The Bald Eagles in Squamish BC: One of Bird Watching's Greatest Spectacles

Canadian Outback Adventures invites travelers to catch the awe-inspiring sights of the world's largest gathering of bald eagles in Squamish, BC. Squamish is located half way between 2010 Olympic host Vancouver, BC, and the world famous ski resort of Whistler.

Vancouver, Canada, October 21, 2006 --( Tucked in a town between Vancouver and Whistler lies one of nature’s most impressive spectacles; the largest gathering of bald eagles in North America. Each fall Squamish, BC plays host to these magnificent raptors seen decorating the nearby trees and riverbanks. The area earned bragging rights as the site of the largest concentration of bald eagles on the planet back in 1994 when an awe-inspiring 3766 of the magnificent raptors were counted in a single day.

Framed by the breathtaking backdrop of the Tantalus Mountain Range, the bald eagles are a must-see for naturalists, bird watchers, and photographers. For an intimate view of the eagles, Canadian Outback Adventures offers a unique Eagle Safari excursion. The Eagle Safari takes guests bundled up in the warmth and comfort of a Mustang Survival Suit, on a float down the Squamish River for an experience that promises a fascinating and unforgettable look at the eagles in their natural habitat. The trip finishes off with a hearty and warm lunch at the Howe Sound Inn Brew Pub. Available between November 24 and February 19, the excursion starts at 9:30 am daily and includes a 2-hour float trip plus lunch. The experience is priced at $109.99 for adults or $89.99 for children ages 5 through 12. Return transportation is available from either Whistler or Vancouver for a small additional charge.

The bald eagle – or Haliaeetus leucocephalus – is the only eagle unique to North America and covers most of the continent from Alaska and Canada to northern Mexico. Their diet consists mainly of fish of which they consume nearly a pound a day. With the Squamish River being the most plentiful chum salmon run in the region, the eagles are eagerly drawn to the region where food is in great abundance.

Other interesting bald eagle facts:

The world population of bald eagles is 70,000, of which BC is home to 20,000 of the birds.

Bald eagles have an impressive wingspan of 6 to 8 feet, mate for life, and can reach the age of forty years.

Eagles fly at 50 kilometres/hour (31 miles/hour) and dive at an incredible speed of 160 kilometres/hour (100 miles/hour).

Bald eagles see 8 times better than humans.

Only two decades ago the eagles were near extinction. Populations are healthier now due to increased restrictions on DDT and other pesticide use.

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