Transfer Smart Maintains Message About Timeshare Ownership That Main Stream Media Recently Reports

Transfer Smart specializes in helping owners get rid of their timeshares. The recent article in USA Today provides a glimpse to the thousands of stories of heartache and financial difficulty that have been provided to Transfer Smart.

Torrance, CA, January 28, 2010 --( The economy is causing many hardships across all spectrums. The timeshare industry and timeshare owners are no exception. A recent USA Today article by Roger Yu titled “Many Fed-Up Time Share Owners Are Stuck Trying to Sell” discusses the financial difficulties of owning a timeshare. The article features distressed owners who are unable to find a way to sell their timeshare.

Transfer Smart, a company that deals in timeshare transfers, understands this burden. Founder, Linda Skidmore, faced similar problems when she first began trying to sell her mother’s timeshare.

“After my father passed away, my mother no longer wanted to go on the vacation without him,” Linda explains. “The maintenance fees started piling up, and soon enough she had to let it go. I helped her try to sell it through a local listing company, and then through a big real estate company—with no success.”

Linda’s story mirrors that of Stacey Udell, who has tried unsuccessfully to sell her timeshare on Craigslist. Linda is sympathetic but not surprised due to the sheer volume of timeshares available for sale. “The market is oversaturated,” Linda continues. “The statistics and facts presented in the USA Today article are extremely helpful for people who are looking to get out of their timeshare contract. The more people know the better. There were no options available for my mom. So we figured out a way to help her and now we’d like to help others.”

The timeshare industry is expected to face tougher times in the coming year. Transfer Smart and Linda Skidmore support both satisfied and dissatisfied timeshare owners. The company believes that letting timeshare owners know the realities of ownership will help them make the right decisions.

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Transfer Smart guarantees a proven method to free families of their timeshare obligations due to timeshare contracts, maintenance fees, special assessments and other timeshare-associated costs. The co-founders of Transfer Smart, Linda and J.C. Skidmore, have over two decades of collective personal experience, expertise and credibility in the timeshare industry. They and their team are ready to help timeshare owners Transfer Smart!

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