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Independent French Vintners Highlighted on French Wine Club Cruise

French wine delivery service for American clientele subverts its role and delivers American clientele to French wine.

San Antonio, TX, February 03, 2010 --( A 6-night wine cruise through Southern France offers participants the opportunity to discover independently owned and operated vineyards, their winemaking processes, and their savory vintages.

In upholding its reputation as an exclusive provider of rare hotel-barge vacations, France Cruises has joined with the U.S.-based French Wine Club to promote a one-time excursion. Known simply as the French Wine Club Cruise, this week-long excursion combines the historic sites of Provence with trips to family-owned vineyards. France Cruises serves as the sole booking agent for this vacation package.

The French Wine Club – founded by French native and current California resident Michel Boucher – prides itself on delivering unique wines from independent French growers to American wine connoisseurs. For his singular French Wine Club Cruise, he reverses the functionality of his organization and delivers wine connoisseurs directly to the wine as French growers produce it.

The one-time cruise departs May 9, 2010 with space reserved for 18 guests only. Some itinerary highlights include wine tastings at Chateauneuf du Pape, sampling organic vintages at Chateau des Coccinelles, and discovering Gallo-Roman wines at Mas les Tournelles. A sommelier will also educate passengers on board during the cruise. The price of this package per person is $2,850.

“What makes this cruise special is the integrity of the vineyards,” says Jean Dabrowski, president of France Cruises. “A wine cruise isn’t new, but the types of vintners presented on this tour are exceptional though not visible in a large market. Michel has great contacts and his opinions on wine are widely known and trusted.”

As a former employee of several family-owned vineyards, Michel Boucher’s knowledge of unique French wines stems from first-hand experience. He has traveled France extensively to visit countless independently owned vineyards, gathering information on each region and its specialties. In the U.S., Michel continues to advise individuals and restaurants alike on the quality and integrity of different French appellations.

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