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Vashon, WA, February 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Outskirts Press, Inc. has published The Sacred Hands of the Great Master Nityananda: His Divine Messages and Revelations out of Love for the World by Lisa Joy, which is the author's most recent book to date. The 6.14 x 9.21 paperback in the Self-Help / Spiritual category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a suggested retail price of $14.95. The webpage at www.outskirtspress.com/thesacredhandsofthegreatmasternityananda was launched simultaneously with the book's publication.

About the Book (Excerpts & Info)

Spring 1971 in Europe, outside Tradition, in total anonymity and in Total Respect of Karma, the Great Spiritual Master Nityananda came in person to choose His new disciple. Lisa was twenty-two, half-French and half-German, and a student at Law School, also athletic, daily practicing ice dance. During this personal meeting the Master gave her a Sign, without saying It would be a Key, to keep the Ego from manipulating her. Thus, seven years later, He manifested to her using that secret Key to make her immediately recognize Him, and at the same time He put the particular Energy of His Hands into her own, as a Sacred Signature.

The Master then began a Thirty-Year Travel with Lisa, in which He first revealed to her God’s Kingdom on Earth, her incarnation, and the exit of the spirit at the end of human life when the end of the chain of births and deaths has been reached.

He also opened the door to the difficult experience concerning the spirit inhabiting the one who used the power of the Kundalini.

Next, Nityananda traveled with her in a Veiled World where He made her touch death, in order to later have her experience a great rebirth, thanks to an orthopedics of two discreet joints having extraordinary functions not understood by the Medical School worldwide. His Divine Message about these particular joints, the jaw joints, or TMJ, concerned their basic and essential roles for the equilibrium and strength of Ida, Pingala, the Shushumna, and the guidance of the Kundalini, which yogis knew about but the Medical Community did not.

It was during these many years of Traveling with Lisa that the Great Master revealed His Divine and Cosmic Identity throughout centuries, something no Master had ever done. He also opened the Cosmic Memory in Lisa to have her remember the time when she had been His disciple two thousand years ago. The day came when He gave her a new Key, which He would use for His next manifestation to reveal His last Human Identity: the recognized Great Divine Master Nityananda, from the Indian District of Thane in the Maharashtra.

In the twenty-fifth year in the Veiled World, Nityananda gave His last Teaching to Lisa, conducting her into a dense cloud. There, He raised the curtain uncovering one of the aspects of the process of bewitchment, and the only real death. He then chose His way to leave It in wanting Lisa to become His Hand to write His Messages and Cosmic Revelations, which He did not want to only be for one individual. She did so in this book presenting Nine Letters face-to-face with her Master.

Thus was the Way of the Great Master Nityananda to come to daylight and to sustain seekers of God, seekers of Life.

Deftly constructed at 203 pages, The Sacred Hands of the Great Master Nityananda: His Divine Messages and Revelations out of Love for the World is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Self-Help / Spiritual category. With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, The Sacred Hands of the Great Master Nityananda meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $14.95.

Additionally, The Sacred Hands of the Great Master Nityananda can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press wholesale online bookstore at www.outskirtspress.com/buybooks

ISBN: 9781432747916
Format: 6.14 x 9.21 paperback
SRP: $14.95

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/thesacredhandsofthegreatmasternityananda

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