My Donation Spot Announces Grand Opening

Orlando, FL, February 05, 2010 --( My Donation Spot is a new online cyber-begging website dedicated to offering a robust and low-price web page where users can tell their story and accept anonymous donations via PayPal.

Cyber-begging (also known as internet begging) has become a low-cost solution for individuals to raise funds for a specific goal. The unique advantage of asking for donations online opposed to street panhandling, is that both parties can remain anonymous, making My Donation Spot a safer alternative.

Artists have found that cyber-begging and crowdfunding have been essential or releasing new music, purchasing supplies for new paintings or filming equipment. This form of funding has allowed artists to fully own their work while allowing them to express their individuality and ideas.

My Donation Spot actively locates donors to match them with specific users who are in need of extra money. Many individuals and groups have had relative success with online donation systems and cyber-begging websites such as My Donation Spot.

Monthly plans start at $9.95 per month with a $34.95 sign-up fee. Signing up is easy and takes a just few minutes. An active PayPal account is required to sign-up and receive donations. Go to My Donation Spot today to learn more about cyber begging, crowdfunding and the benefits of accepting anonymous donations via PayPal.

My Donation Spot
Leandro Velazquez