Fighting Telco Fraud, Cyber Terrorism, SimBOX/Bypass: A Comprehensive New Approach to Telco Fraud

New Telco Fraud Officer Certification Training Pilot to be held in Lagos, Nigeria this March. Additional locations planned for 2010.

Chicago, IL, February 10, 2010 --( Based on overwhelming demand from its membership, the Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association (GRAPA) is announcing a Telco Fraud Officer Program to provide telecoms professionals with a comprehensive new approach to Fraud Detection and Deterrence. This program is a highly anticipated addition to the successful Revenue Assurance training and certification currently provided.

The Telco Fraud Officer Training Program provides certification candidates with a practical and systematic approach to telco fraud. "In the past, telcos have often been too tunnel-visioned in how they viewed fraud. The job is handled in pieces - partly by internal auditors, security people, other employees or the fraud management system. Nobody has really taken a full view of the fraud exposures that telcos are increasingly vulnerable to," says Rob Mattison, GRAPA's President.

When your approach to fighting fraud is separated across various departments without someone ensuring the largest exposures are addressed, those gaps in coverage allow fraudsters to thrive," says Louis Khor, GRAPA's Director of Industry Research and Analysis. With telco networks, operations and business models constantly becoming more complex, it becomes clear that top management needs skilled professionals who have a complete view in order to detect, address, prosecute and deter potentially disastrous frauds. This is especially true for large complex cases, such as those involving terrorism, SimBOX/bypass, financial statement fraud etc. The Telco Fraud Officer Program strives to provide the training and certification curriculum to assist these professionals with the issues they face the most.

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